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do my gay little computers make you mad? do they make you want to hurt me?


portrait of the author

hi, i'm etoile! i'm 20, a lesbian, and my pronouns are ze/hir/hirs.

i like late 90s/early 2000s technology and aesthetics, metal gear solid 2, cats, robots, drawing, and things that make people happy!

my sandbox is here, and i'm on discord @ etoisle#7882!

ʚ levels


Information about level devoured violently.


Level 1 ~ "Habitable Zone" (rewrite)

the artist lives in me
the artist dies in me


Level 0 ~ "Tutorial Level" (rewrite)

If you see, hear, or encounter what you believe to be another wanderer, it is not a human.


Level 256"Demoscene"

its not the sky

✨yay i won a contest✨


level 404 ~ "my dearly fragmented"

you like it here, the geometry whispers. what a beautiful world.


ʚ entities

Enigmatic Entity NULL ~ "Nostalgi Gaius"

I think there is a God, and I think she wants us dead.


Joke Entity 99 ~ "Operative Bruce Ackerman's Inability To Read The Fucking Room"

What the fuck is wrong with you, Bruce?


ʚ pois

&ãé‰9jöè Q_¶Ã©w¾¥ "or" 1'=1' ~ "Joey Q"

People usually call me Joey Q. Also, are you by any chance single?


A████ River ~ "Senior Archivist A. River [MISSING]"

I feel like I'm just on the verge of something big, you know? Something that'll save lives.


ʚ themes

fragmented theme

a level beneath your mind


followers of jerry theme

Jerry is everything. All hail Jerry.


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