Before I get started, a fair warning: this article is going to get very meta. If that doesn't interest you, I can't say I blame you. It wasn't easy for me to handle all this either.
But sometimes, you need to defy your limits to make any progress.

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Pandora's Pithos


Receptacle of greatest force.

The Pithos itself should technically be useless. It's no more than a well-decorated bucket, after all. It is physically unfeasible to concentrate the target energy into such a small space with the resources I currently have available.
The real power comes from affordances.
Pandora's Pithos is laced with anomalous falsities, descriptions untethered from their original objects. The lattice of lies forms a canvas around this glorified bucket, altering its abilities and qualia.
The logic goes something like this:
• The Pithos looks like it might be powerful in some way.
• The Officinarum made it to trap divine energy.
The powerful Pithos must be able to trap divine energy.
This realm's startlingly inconsistent, almost human leaps in logic can be frustrating at times, but they were incredibly helpful in this venture.
How convenient.



:For A, 1, 0
:While 56.96124843^56.96124843
:Intrvl = 1x
:chunkUnloader(VarEX = [[collapsible]] [[collapsible]] chUnLag(token = "wrnstrngrstlv"))
:If ans == false
[[collapsible show="Author(s)" hide="Hide Author(s)"]]
:DispArtic Input(join [Q=] [¶] [OutsideEditAllowed()] [¶])

Oh, looks like it worked. Let's see what they have to say, shall we?

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