Entity 99 - "The Game Master"
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Entity Number: #99
Habitat(s): Level 3891


An artist render of the Game Master in her idle state.


Entity 99, better known as "The Game Master", is a jester-like puppet with a high level of control over reality within The Gaming Hall. She is known for tricking people into entering her level and challenging them to a game of their choice.


The Game Master is a sentient entity with an erratic personality. Her consistently documented behaviors include the verbal usage of internet slang, referencing recent popular media and "memes", difficulty accepting defeat, and a tendency to manipulate wanderers into playing games with her.

While in her idle state, The Game Master is most commonly seen lying face-down on the floor of Level 389, but there have also been recorded instances of her playing video games, watching videos, or speaking to herself near the curtains at the back of the level.

The Game Master has shown pride in her diverse catalog of playable games. Although she insists that the games are her own original creations, they bear suspicious similarities to those existing in The Frontrooms. Despite claiming to be a stickler for rules, she has been proven to frequently attempt to cheat in her own games to gain further advantages. Additionally, although The Game Master claims otherwise, almost all of the games tend to be structured in such a way that the outcome favors her.


The Game Master's face consists of a glass screen that digitally displays two red Xs for eyes and a cartoonish smile by default, though it can also display various other expressions. The rest of The Game Master's body is a patchwork of blue and yellow fabric, stuffed with what is presumed to be cotton.

The Game Master's extremities appear to be crafted from wood — typical of a marionette puppet. Small red spheres that emit a squeaking sound are attached to the tips of her jester hat, the ends of her shoes, and the middle of her torso. The wrists, ankles, and other various parts of her body are suspended by red strings, the source of which is untraceable as they seem to extend infinitely.


It is unknown when The Game Master first appeared or was first discovered. Interviews with survivors who have explored The Gaming Hall have reported the existence of various games from as far back as the early 1900s in her catalog. Even older games and items have been reported, but are yet to be documented. The Game Master herself only comments that such games are "old and boring".

She was first recorded to be active around ten years ago, when several people reported seeing a checkerboard-patterned door before them. Said witnesses were reported missing shortly thereafter.

Additional Information:

Interestingly, The Lost are known to have worshipped a deity in their pantheon known as "Nunca". Many details about this being strikingly resemble those of The Game Master, from the jester-like motif, to the eccentric mannerisms, to the jovial demeanor. This may suggest that The Game Master has a far more ancient origin than initially believed, but confirmation of this theory is still pending.

There have been reports of The Game Master talking to an unknown individual near the curtains of Level 389. It is unknown what both were discussing, but it is notable for the following incident:

Email Received by The M.E.G. Database

9th March 2020 14:27
Game Master audio log <ccdd178@gmail.com>
to <mandb@majorexplorergroup.com>

Hi silly! XD I was walking around and then I found a phone! It was still working, isn't that crazy?! It had a bunch of boring stuff XC but I found a weirddd video about a really cool and awesome Master beating someone who sucked at Capitalism. She totally rocked it!
You have no way to stop her.






  • gamemaster.mp3

Attached to this message was a video file taken from said phone; however, due to Game Master's self-censorship, the video itself was static, but the audio remained intact. The following is a transcript of the file.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Ignore messages from unknown accounts telling you to go to Level 389.
  • Follow the rules of the chosen games.
  • Report any encounter or information to the M.E.G.


  • Go to Level 389.
  • Cheat at the chosen game.
  • Taunt or ridicule The Game Master.
  • Try to fight or question The Game Master.

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