Entity 96 - "The Neighborhood Watch"
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Entity Number: 96

Habitat: - Level 9, Level 9.1


A image of a Strider taken by DrawzALot (Sydney)


The neighborhood watch is a species of entities that look like human eyes. Their main objective is to catch any wanderer in Level 9. These entities are extremely hostile and will attack on sight. They are common to encounter. If you hide when you see them you should be fine. There are three entities in The Neighborhood Watch: Watchers, Striders, & Swimmers.


Watchers are flying eyeballs with multiple optic nerves coming out of its choroid like tendrils. It has no eyelids and it looks bloodshot. Its lens is as strong as Iron and it can hurt really bad. These creatures have a light coming from its pupil. If any wanderer gets caught in its light, it will turn them to dust. The unfortunate souls caught in its light will retain sentience for 5 hours before dying. This process is extremely agonizing.


These entities are eyes that have six, 8-foot legs, made out of parts of its choroid, nerves, and veins. The choroid is on the bottom of the eye instead of the back. One optic nerve comes from the choroid. Its eye lens is weaker, but is very high up, so, if you can get them, non-melee weapons are recommended. Despite the height of these creatures, their legs are extremely flexible. they can also run up to 90 mph. When finding a person or entity, it will absorb its mass into its eye. These creatures can manipulate the mass around them.


These entities are human-like eyes that can be found in swimming pools, sinks, bathtubs, or any body of water in Level 9. Their eyes can move freely around their choroid. It has 10 optic nerves, arranged kind of like an octopus, around its choroid. The eye and base of this entity are very squishable, therefore these entities can travel through pipes and drains. If they find you, they will grab you with their tentacles, drown you, and eat your body.


It is unknown when these entities were discovered. The Lost called them "the ones that watch".

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Hide when you see them
  • Stay out of sight


  • Draw attention to yourself
  • Try to fight them

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