Entity 94 - "Clickers"
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Entity Number: 94

Habitat(s): - Level 13, Level 21, Level 45, and possibly other undiscovered levels.


A clicker wandering the halls.


Simply put, Clickers are typewriters on wheels. Nobody has been able to identify what brand of typewriter it is, though, as its abnormal weight makes it impossible to stop one for closer inspection.


Clickers wander aimlessly from room to room at a pace roughly equal to a typical adult's walking speed. Nothing that gets in their way can stop them. They ignore everything around them, and other entities do not seem to see it as a threat. Hostile entities have been observed searching the vicinity of Clickers for prey and letting it continue on its way without interruption.
There seems to be a pattern to how Clickers move, but there is no apparent motive behind them, and attempting to catalog one's movements cause it to speed up, as if it were running away from you. Clickers make a typewriter-esque sound when moving, but do not seem to type anything on the paper they carry.


The Clicker is a normal-sized typewriter with small wheels on the bottom. It seems to be extremely dense, (more so than a typical Frontrooms' typewriter,) and is too heavy to pick up. The keys on a clicker are in a normal QWERTY arrangement, but if you attempt to type with one, the letters will come out as a sort of pictographic language akin to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Reading these may cause temporary dizziness and disorientation. If you come across pictographic writing like this in The Backrooms that causes severe nausea, please contact the M.E.G.


The Clicker cypher, as displayed on one's keyboard.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Feel free to take some paper out of its back. Perhaps you could use it to write letters?


  • Get in one's way or try to pick it up. You will inevitably be knocked/pulled over by its surprising weight, which looks hilarious from a bystander's perspective.
  • Stay near it for too long. Its distinctive clicking sound may attract hostile entities.

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