What hides in Level 9
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There was once a time wherein our town felt safe.

And each hallows eve, it was a time for celebration.

Children laughing. Lights blaring.

This time has passed.

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Havocstride: Found this on Level 9… thoughts?

Millerman: Looks like someone’s getting festive, lol.

The_Spookrooms: Been seeing a lot of pumpkins around Level 9 whenever I pass through! Thinking about making some myself :)

Cement_Sandwich: That’s weird. I don’t think halloween is really, like… a thing here? I don’t know anyone who celebrates it, anyways.



Carved Pumpkins have recently been appearing on Level 9, in line with the coming season of october. Said pumpkins haven’t ever appeared in the area previously, and they are assumed to have been carved by one individual as opposed to being an anomalous event.

Designs on the pumpkins vary slightly from traditional designs to more elaborate; silhouettes of horses and fire are also quite frequent. The placement of the pumpkins is usually somewhat random, however the carver seems to have done one for each house within several miles.

Since the arrival of the first set of pumpkins, several others have begun carving their own on Level 9 and Level 11.


“A set of carved pumpkins in Level 9.”



"This article is way too short to currently be allowed on site. The advent of Carved Pumpkins is certainly interesting… but nothing more than a seasonal trend which does not need to be documented."

—Doctor Bierre.

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Ferdinaand: Is anyone living in Level 9 rn? I heard about the halloween festivities there and was surprised to see that a couple people were hanging out there… I would have thought it impossible!
The_Machine: I've been there for a few weeks. It started when the M.E.G. asked me to settle here in an attempt to make it seem a bit safer. It didn't really pan out with them, but I decided to stay… I like it here!

Ferdinaand: Dude, that's crazy! How do you deal with the entities and stuff??

The_Machine: It isn't as bad in the suburb that I live in. I don't see a lot of people, either. There's this one dude I see riding around on a horse, but I've never tried to talk to him… How he got that thing into Level 9 is beyond me, lol.

Ferdinaand: Wild.


October 2019:

As we come near the close of a rather uneventful year for the backrooms, we find several revelations regarding the inhabitants of Level 9:

As many of you know, our attempts to secure and bring safety to Level 9 remain unsuccessful, perhaps for the better. It seemed that the overwhelming entity count and easy availability of Level 11 had turned the level into nothing more than a place for would-be backrooms explorers to meet their demise.

…Until the more recent developments.

Stories of carved pumpkins lying atop the abandoned houses of Level 9 have spread through the forums quickly, bringing out the testimonies of those who have lived in Level 9 previously… and causing a significant amount of new interest towards said level. While this is not normally an issue, it is important to stress the dangers of Level 9 to the more uneducated and naïve members of the Backroom forums, less they die a horrible death.

Please remember that safety is the number one priority here. We intentionally decided to shift focus from Level 9 after repeated attempts resulted in a significant loss of life, the likes of which will never be replicated again.

We're going to be sending some researchers, including myself, to conduct some census tests and determine what the exact human population of Level 9 currently is. After this is complete, we will be using said research to re-examine its survivability… hopefully to discourage newcomers from entering it.

Doctor Bierre.

From the personal journal of Doctor Bierre:

"We've been in Level 9 for a few weeks now. It's my first time being back in ages, and some of the younger researchers haven't even stepped foot inside of it. It's a helluva lot colder than I remember, that's for sure…

The M.E.G. is starting to get a bad reputation around this part of the backrooms… some people don't even want to speak to us. Those who do have some interesting stories, though. The inhabitants of 9 aren't actually that bothered by the pumpkins… they're bothered by someone else.

Some of them claim that all of the pumpkins are made by one man. This isn't out of the possibility, actually, and it was the prime theory in another researchers article… Their stories of this man are a little strange, however. They claim he rides on horseback, carving the pumpkins with a sword and leaving them on the doorsteps of houses he claims. There's a superstition about those houses; that if the man leaves a pumpkin near one, it's a warning not to move into said house.

I guess that's bad for us, then. We needed to take a look at some of the jack-o-lanterns, so we decided to hold up in one of these 'claimed' houses. We got a lotta dirty looks when we did, too!

Small town superstition is a bitch."

From the personal journal of Doctor Bierre:

"Someone woke us up in the middle of the night, banging on our front door. When I got outside, whoever it was had left and the jack-o-lanterns out front were smashed. Assholes."


"I hope they're happy… 'cause we aren't gonna be celebrating halloween this season. Not anymore."

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(Private Thread)

999: Fellow residents of Level 9… my house was claimed while I was sleeping. I think he's here.

Tonius: Shit. What part of 9 are you in? Was it down south? I've heard about sightings of him there.

999: Nah. I'm pretty far northeast… near the Wellingtam settlement, if that helps.

Tonius: That's further out than I thought he'd come this year. It seems he's going farther each October…

TheNobodee: Did you guys hear about those M.E.G. guys? They picked a house to the west which was already claimed… I gave those assholes a warning earlier today… hopefully they take the hint before it's too late.

Tonius: If they settled to the west, its already too late for them. After this, The M.E.G. will be all over Level 9. They'll figure out our little secret.

999: I'm gonna move pretty soon. It's been a good run, but things are getting too dicey for me.

From the personal journal of Doctor Bierre:

"The three of us keep hearing horse-hooves galloping outside the house. We drew straws to see who'd go out and check the street… and I came up empty.

I'm not sure what I'll see out there. We all agreed that if I didn't come back in an hour, Barnes and Henry would book it out of the back door and look for help. Gonna keep the population censuses for Level 9 in the back of this journal, for sake keeping."

Since the beginning of time, this land was cursed,
To house a most foul creature.
And since our arrival, we fear the worst,
For pain will be our teacher.

Galloping on four hooves,
A headless beast of fire.
Down the cul-de-sac it moves,
Wearing ghastly attire.

Dragging its victims to hell,
And torturing their souls for eternity.
But these losses we do not dwell,
As it is our towns paternity.

The Horseman shall come, regardless of fight.
The Horseman shall come in the dead of the night.



(As of October 2019)

If you are reading this, then it means you are a permanent of frequent visitor of Level 9! because of this, The M.E.G. has selected you to fill out a series of questions on this pamphlet which will be used for future research. Please answer honestly, and pick answers from the following choices.

1. Do you feel like Level 9 is safe enough to house multiple groups of people, a-la Level 11?


NO *

2. Would you be opposed to several groups of people living in Level 9?



3. What is your opinion on the M.E.G? How are we as an organization?



4. From your personal experience, would you say that Level 9 has a higher entity count than average?



Please leave other thoughts on the line below as to how we could help this level. thank you in advance!

Additional Notes: "Don't settle anyone here. Don't send anymore researchers here. Please, just skip town and go to Level 11… we don't like you, and neither does he."

We've warned them enough times.

Our songs, our messages.

It will never be enough.

And now, they will pay the price.

They shall meet The Horseman.

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