Entity 9 - "Facelings"
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A pink dress variant of a Faceling photographed in a dark hallway.

Entity Number: 9

Habitats: Majority


Facelings are a general term for faceless people that roam the backrooms. There are multiple types, each with varying levels of hostility. They are one of the most populous entities in the backrooms, and likely one of the first entities you will encounter. The most common two forms are "Adult Facelings" and "Child Facelings", although more have since been discovered.

Adult Facelings are friendly and do not act with hostility unless provoked. They typically have the appearance of standard adult humans, with smooth skin replacing the entire face. They can appear as male, female, and can also appear completely androgynous.

Child Facelings are mischievous and hostile. They often appear in groups of 2-3, and will torment and attempt to kill survivors they encounter. They are almost always female, and brandish small sharp objects. These typically are small pieces of sharp metal, or small knives. However, seeing one is not always an attempt on your life. They will sometimes just attempt to scare survivors, or pull pranks on them.

Other Faceling Types

Due to the number of faceling types, there will be no behavior or biology section as these both vary significantly.

Pink Dress Facelings
Not much is known about pink dress facelings, other than seeing one is almost always a death sentence. Avoid at all costs.

Old Man Facelings
These facelings can be seen hunched over, sometimes with tools for mobility such as a cane. They have wrinkles spread throughout their smooth face that indicates age, and some have gray hair. They are slow and harmless, and should not be seen as a threat. Sometimes, an old faceling will approach a wanderer, attempting to take their hand gently and look at their face. This seems to make them happy if they are allowed, though no harm is done by simply ignoring them.

Polygonal Facelings
Similar to an adult faceling, but with a polygonal-like body. They have the texture of plastic. They emanate a sound similar to static. Polygonal facelings are the result of a faceling that noclips.

Nude Facelings
As the name implies, these facelings lack clothing. They have no genitals, breasts or nipples. They trudge around until spotted, and will then run away.

Shadow Facelings
A pitch black faceling. These facelings have the appearance of a silhouette, but are actually corporeal. They are extremely hostile, but are only as strong as a normal human.

False Facelings
These facelings are unique in that they sometimes have partial or even full facial features. Such as half of an eye, a nostril, a mouth, teeth beneath a layer of skin, etc. Otherwise, they act like typical adult facelings.

Indoctrinated Facelings
A faceling that has been indoctrinated by Jerry. While not biologically different from any other faceling, they act very different. They will attempt to bring any survivor they find to Jerry to make it a part of the Followers of Jerry.

Hotel Vymir Residents
Wanderers that spend more than 7 days residing in Level 401 will lose their face and sense of identity, effectively becoming a faceling. They are considered harmless.

Memory Facelings
The most dangerous type of faceling, and the most powerful. These rare facelings will take on the physical appearance of a loved one from your memories, without a face. They originate from an entity known as the "Memory Worm". How they hunt is currently unknown.


Facelings are one of the first entities ever discovered in the Backrooms. One of the earliest M.E.G. reports ever written referenced them. Journal entries referencing facelings date back to 1909. Their exact origin is still unknown.

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