Entity 89 - "Ants"
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A colony of Ants found inside of a bathroom in Level 401.

Entity Number: 89

Habitat - Majority (They migrate from level to level.)


Ants are a collective of small, fuzzy, round creatures who only seem to enjoy huddling around the darkest corners of rooms. With the earliest M.E.G. reports of Ants having been from Level 1, there have since been reports in Level 102, Level 196 as well as in Level 401. They seem to have no clear migration pattern, moving from level to level whenever they feel like it.

While they can harm humans to some extent, ultimately, they don't really pose a threat to us.


A colony of Ants, when undisturbed, are usually spotted huddled around together in corners. Ant colonies can vary in size, from having dozens to hundreds of ants all in one location.

Ants will usually stay in their own lane and not approach any passerbys unless someone gets close enough, or they are outright provoked. If near three feet of them, they will quickly start to climb up towards the person and crawl around them. They then start sticking onto the person, 'biting' similarly to how a leech would. Though, this can easily be avoided by just picking them off your skin. The worst these bites can cause is mild bruising.


Ants are fuzzy entities that can vary from 2-6 centimeters wide. They seem to absorb light, which gives them their recognizable pitch black appearance. This also gives off the illusion of them being much bigger than they appear when huddled together in colonies, which doubles as a defense mechanism to deter bigger entities from wanting to draw near.


Ants have been a commonly reported on entity since the M.E.G. had been formed, and had most likely been discovered by smaller groups prior. The M.E.G.'s first photographic evidence of ants however, had only been taken a few years ago or so by an anonymous photographer, later identified to be M.E.G. photographer Nicole Matthews.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Avoid them to the best of your abilities.
  • Simply pick them off if you see them climbing on you.


  • Try to approach them on purpose.
  • Let them keep attacking after they have started.

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