Entity 85 - "Paralies"
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A close up of a Paralie in it's first Stage.

Entity Number: 85

Habitat - Majority of Levels


This Entity is a snake like parasite, similar to a Garter Snake. It is extremely small in size. This Entity has strong psychic powers to manipulate your mind to lie every time an important sentence is spoken, to lure the victims into traps. This occurs when the Entity spots you, then quietly slithers towards you. Then it proceeds to crawl into your ear, and you will not feel anything. The Entity will proceed to take slight control of you from there then it will turn into three (3) stages of control.


This Entity will start by climbing a surface towards the host, then it will crawl into your ear, go through the ear system, and makes it's way to the brain, where it proceeds to put it's mouth on it, and leaves itself in stasis for weeks. This is the 'First Stage', where the host will start to lie, and deceive people, without them knowing. This will last for a few weeks, the Entity will slowly absorb your knowledge while in this stage. The 'Second Stage' is to where the Entity will detach from your brain, and will start to travel around your body, and under your skin. Using it's abilities, it will go through every functional part of the body, and will take control of it slowly, while this stage is happening, the host will repetitively say "Slithering… Crawling… Slithering…". The third and 'Final Stage' is where the hosts body is no longer controllable by the host itself, and the Entity will use the body to live in and control until the body is deceased, then the Entities will use the body to lay eggs, to create new Paralies.


This Entity looks very similar to a snake species known as 'Garter Snakes', but their size is way smaller then normal Garter Snakes. You cannot hear them, or feel them. They are extremely stealthy, and will do anything to enter it's host. The Entity will look the same throughout the First Stage. the Second Stage will have the snake become more of a blue hue, with it crossing through the hosts skin. the final stage, The Entity is extremely bumpy, and is fully blue. This color will be lost a few weeks after it leaves the host.


This Entity was found when a user posted an entry on our Database, which was deceptive, and was mostly fake. The M.E.G. sent out Team "Snake Trappers" to assist the situation. The entry has since been archived.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Let it come through.
  • Slither.
  • Crawl.


  • Pour Almond Water through the ear on the first stage.
  • Do not Deny it's entrance.
  • Deny it's entrance.
  • Deny it's entrance.
  • Slither… Crawl…

M.E.G. Report:

This entry was made by one of our members from Team "Volunteer Squad", who assisted Team "Wild Warriors" with the capturing of the Entity. That said member is now under surveillance, as this entry is deceptive. It talks about Team "Snake Trappers", which does not exist, and insists on letting the Entities control you. The authenticity of this entry is under study. Take a few things with a grain of salt. In the other Entry, none of the things the user says are real, drinking Level 2's pipe fluid will result in death, not transpiration to Level 10, all of the places mentioned is where this Entity can spawn. Do not listen to this. not at all… Do not listen… To this…

M.E.G. Revision

Many of these entries including the ending M.E.G. Report has been verified as false and to be taken as false entries created by those under the influence of Paralies. The M.E.G. is currently investigating who might be under this influence, here is a current list of Do's and Don'ts


  • Cover your ears (lightly).
  • Pour Almond Water in the ear if under stage one.
  • Keep careful watch of each other.


  • Let the Paralie enter your body.

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