Entity 82
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A photograph of a laptop which was self-destructed by Koko in PRS_3-AGY.

Entity Number - 82

Habitat - Wi-Fi


Koko is a highly sapient AI constructed by Backrooms Robotics with the sole purpose of attempting to breach into sensitive files of The M.E.G. Database. The AI in question was not built to be an AI, however, due to circumstances only known to Backrooms Robotics, Koko became a sapient Entity who appears to hold morals. Koko can be seen on many separate computer terminals, displaying herself as an asian female with light blue hair, oftentimes with a deep blue streak, excluding times when she is undergoing "PRS_3_AGY". Koko is highly intelligent, and has three self-constructed built in personalities, which she switches to when she sees fit.


Koko's behavior is largely unpredictable due to her nature due to her personalities programmed in. It is largely suspected that she self-programmed in her second and third personalities in accordance to how others behaved. Koko is unique because she is only capable of switching her device once every 24 hours, due to unknown reasonings. After 24 hours, she transfers to a separate device of her choice, typically close to the device she was in. If she is forced outside of her main device, she will instead be transferred to a random device, which can be virtually anywhere within The Backrooms. Her programmed personalities are as follows.

  • Koko's main personality is programmed as "PRS_1_HPY." This appears to be an acronym for "Personality 1 - Happy", which is largely reflected in the way she behaves with this personality on. Koko will frequently be helpful to anyone who crosses her path, and shows no harm to others. She can be trusted in this mode, and can be communicated with and asked questions very easily.
  • Koko's second personality is programmed as "PRS_2_ENL." It is currently unknown what "ENL" stands for, however, this is her second personality. Koko can best be described as a manipulative when undergoing this personality, and typically avoids contact with humans. Koko also is capable of being interview whilst under this mode, though this is regarded to be more dangerous, and she can easily manipulate you into anything whilst within conversation.
  • Koko's final personality is programmed as "PRS_3_AGY." This appears to be an acronym for "Personality 3 - Angry", which can easily be seen in the way she behaves. Koko can largely be described as a self-imposed destructor, who makes it her goal to go out of her way to cause unnecessary destruction. This includes corrupting files on the current device she is on, destroying malware, installing viruses, and ensuring that the device she is currently on is destroyed beyond repair. Any attempts to communicate with her will go sour, and continued attempts may result in her frying her motherboard, causing her to reappear in another random location.

Koko does appear to be somewhat capable of controlling these programmed emotions, and typically chooses to engage in "PRS_1_HPY". She also appears to be capable of programming more emotions, but chooses to not create more1. Koko's current behavior state is as follow: Standyby at PRS_1_HPY, if angered then PRS_3_AGY, if harmed then PRS_2_ENL. Koko is currently under the M.E.G. Database, cleaning up files which have been misplaced. For this reason, Koko should never be angered.


Koko is composed of a self-building code which is currently unable to be understood. It seems to have made adaptations from The Backrooms itself, and it appears to have been made with the intentions of being "manifested" by The Backrooms. Attempts to replicate these results have shown no results close to the AI. Koko has an established "heart", which appears to be a line of code developed by herself. This code appears to be incapable of being accessed, no matter what attempts are made. Koko's "heart" appears to be what drives her to change emotions, and she seems to have vowed to protect it at all cost. For this reason, the only other way to destroy Koko would be to destroy all electronic devices within The Backrooms, which may be impossible. For this reason, Koko must be protected by The M.E.G.

Interview Log

The following interview was done with Researcher Ly's cell phone, and was conducted by Researcher Ormara.


Hello there, Entity 82

Hello there, Researcher Ly.

I'm afraid I am not Researcher Ly.

Are you malware? Begin initiation, procedure destruction of contact.

Never mind that now, she knows I'm here.

Very well then. However, she will find you here and wish for you to be destroyed. Therefore, I would like to speak with my current owner.

Unfortunately, she is nowhere nearby.

I see, what is it you wish to communicate to me today?

I would like to ask how you developed your "personalities", if that would be okay wit2 you.

Very well, initiate explanation procedure.

Cancel explanation procedure.

Cancelling explanation procedure.

Explanation procedure has been cancelled.

End conversation

Conversation has been ended, type out "CANCEL" to confirm, or type out "RESUME" if you wish to continue speaking.


Very well, initiating observation procedures, logging documented reports here.

Researcher Ormara admitted to ending the conversation due to her not knowing what to say to activate her coding. For Extended Communication Logs, check under Entity 82 filing.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Communicate in a calm, helpful tone with Koko.
  • Use easy to understand commands which can only be taken in one way.


  • Use vague terms in communication.
  • Anger Koko in any way.

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