Entity 78 - "Allure"
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Entity Number: 78

Habitat: Level 41


Entity 78 is a humanoid creature who roams Level 41, with no regard to any other entities. Some have been observed trying to attack it, but are instead blocked by some sort of invisible force field. This entity has not been sighted in any other levels, so it is believed to be exclusive to Level 41.


Entity 78 wanders aimlessly through levels, playing an unrecognizable song on its saxophone1. All wanderers who hear it are drawn to the source of the noise, akin to the effects of siren song. They will follow Entity 78 for 15-20 minutes, at which point they will spontaneously fall through the floor, never to be heard from again2.

Interestingly enough, if Entity 78 encounters a wanderer also holding a saxophone, it will stop playing (as shown in the attached photograph) and wait. If the wanderer plays a short little tune, it will repeat it back, with an extra little flair. In this state, Entity 78 does not seem to be hostile.


Entity 78 appears as a mannequin in a black suit, holding a saxophone3. As stated above, it has some kind of invisible force field that protects it from other hostile entities.

Entity 78 may look like a mannequin, but it can move as fluidly as any human being. Its skin is a deep black color, with a reflective sheen reminiscent of plastic. Its saxophone is perfectly polished brass, and it does not seem to need cleaning.


Entity 78 was discovered by Team "Wild Warriors" on 10/18/2020. Their mission report states that Joseph, the third member of the team, was following it for a whole ten minutes before the rest of the group managed to drag him away.

Since its discovery, Entity 78 has caused the death of approximately 50 wanderers. Studio Necrotic, the Backrooms's biggest music label, caught wind of this and immediately sent some representatives to record the song of Entity 78 and claim the rights to it. According to a statement from Studio Necrotic, a few of their younger interns are under the impression that their higher-ups can sue Entity 78 for playing the music they legally own, but nothing has come of this as of yet.

Free Sample:


The following is an interview conducted on 11/2/2020 by Carl Hunt of Studio Necrotic.

Interviewer Hunt: H-hello? Who are you?
Entity 78: *Continues playing its saxophone*
Interviewer: Excuse me, where did you get that saxophone?
Entity 78: *Stops*
Interviewer: Umm, I'm sorry to interrupt, but-
Entity: *Resumes playing, only louder*
Interviewer: You know, that's not going to work on me. I have earplugs.
Entity 78: *Presumably moves closer to Interviewer Hunt. We're not sure, as this is an audio-only recording.*
Interviewer: Whoa whoa whoa! Where are you going?
Entity 78: *Plays even louder*
Interviewer: Stop, I can almost hear it-
From this point forth, no dialogue occurs. We are treated to 18 minutes of uninterrupted music, after which the recording mysteriously stops. The microphone used was found on Level 0, sans interviewer. It is assumed that he was close enough to Entity 78 to be hypnotized, and eventually fell through the floor.

End interview transcript

Do's and Don'ts:


  • When in Level 41, wear earplugs so it won't attract you with its song


  • Listen
  • Get close enough to hear the song through your earplugs

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