Entity 77 - "The Dreamweaver"
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An Artist's depiction of The Dreamweaver. (Art created by PandaShark71004)

Entity Number: 77

Habitat - N/A


The Dreamweaver is a Non-Physical Entity that you can discover while dreaming in The Backrooms or while finding the Dreamcatcher. This Entity is an observer and does not engage in a hostile manner, although, it can engage in your dreams in other ways through a number of passive abilities. This Entity can do things such as alter your dream, give you dreams and even cause hallucinations. The Dreamweaver could be extremely dangerous if it were able to use its abilities for hostile activity.


The Dreamweaver rarely appears in dreams and seems to come in random intervals - but is more encouraged to appear when interacting with the Dreamcatcher. This is an object that will cause many effects to the human body including an instantaneous sleep-like stasis that will cause you to dream and attract this Entity. The Dreamweaver will be unnoticeable once in your dream, and will then manipulate your dreams in strange and challenging ways. Soon you will be able to spot The Dreamweaver in different areas of your dream wandering around and disappearing, all while staring at you.

The Dreamweaver feeds on the fear of a wanderer, so actively weakens the dreamers mental state to feed off their energy. For the user to be awoken they'll need to escape the dream through strange means that are completely random, to running from a pack of wolves, to simply eating a bowl of cereal for example. The user will be asleep until the user escapes the Entity in the dream, and successfully fought off the Entity. In the Event of the user escaping, The Dreamweaver will still lurk around the corners of your vision in reality for weeks. This Entity can cause further hallucinations to the user and warp reality to the Entity's will if needed although this instance of reality manipulation via hallucinations is very rare. This Entity will further wearing down a victim's mental state from there, including decreased hunger, water and sleep effects of The Backrooms, as the user will constantly need to eat, drink and sleep. The Dreamweaver will have lasting effects for an amount of days that usually contain weeks.


The Dreamweaver is around eight (8) feet tall, and has a skinny skeletal structure, with black charcoal-like skin that looks as if the Entity's entire body was burnt. The Dreamweaver has long appendages protruding from the top of its skull, flowing to the back of its head, similar to a jester hat. It has sharp claws with webbed hands and feet. Its feet have thee (3) toes with claws sprouting from them. The Dreamweaver's face is long and wide as it has a huge grinning smile. Its lips crispy red as it seems to be flaking and peeling. The Entity's teeth are enormous and sharp in a grinning style. Its eyes glow yellow and are similar to those of a lizard, with eyelids over the top-half of its eyes.

The Dreamweaver when close, makes a deep purring to growling noise at the user while grinning and smiling. The Entity's body when walking is hunched-over and walks in a slow manner. As it walks it will stare at you through the corners of where it has appeared until eventually disappearing around a corner. The Dreamweaver has the ability to crawl and stick to any surface, but this Entity is usually seen walking.


The Dreamweaver was once a myth as it was only able to appear in dreams. This all was changed when our own members started to slowly go insane as they are describing that this creature haunt's their dreams and mind. Soon after, M.E.G. Regiment Quick Match "Fireflies" was sent out to aid a group of Wanderers to terminate a hostile Entity. During the mission the Team stumbled upon the Dreamcatcher and had gotten into a deep sleep-like stasis . The Team was put under the aid of M.E.G. Regiment Life Line "Mossy Medics" to ensure the safety of their health. Fireflies are now normal and back on duty.

This Entity is still under investigation and testing and we will update this Entry once we have concluded our studies.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Keep away from any Dreamcatcher that is around you.
  • Escape the dream you are in at any cost.
  • If you escaped the The Dreamweaver, you must drink Almond Water and seek M.E.G. Assistance.


  • Don't try to interact with the Entity or try to provoke it.

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