Entity 700 - "Solaris"
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Notice: the following information has been compiled from a variety of sources; including astronomical observations, recovered scriptures of The Lost, testimonies from wanderers, attempts at direct contact with the entity, and research obtained through the collaborative efforts of our divisions.

- M.E.G.



Within the cosmic levels of the Backrooms (78, 217, 599, Level 296, etc.), wanderers may encounter Entity 700 — otherwise known as “Solaris.” Entity 700 is identified by her humanoid shape and a varying stature, noted to depend on environmental factors. Observed from afar In her "natural" state, she is most commonly observed to be the size of an average red giant star, though she can proportionate her size to that of whatever she is interacting with if necessary. Regardless of her given size, Entity 700 notably possesses a muscular physique, long hair mirroring the image of the night sky, and appears to wear darkly-colored dense armor plating around her body. Currently, the material from which this armor is crafted is unidentifiable.


Entity 700 has eyes with adaptable pupils that can acclimate to extreme darkness, and has extraordinary senses capable of detecting electromagnetic waves (as evidenced by her ability to detect uniquely unstable celestial bodies).

Entity 700 possesses a vast array of capabilities, notably demolishing celestial bodies and tearing through the fabric of space within her levels; the latter is theorized to result in blips. The purpose of these capabilities is twofold: to sustain the core embedded in the center of the entity’s chest (from which she draws power) via engulfing matter and to maintain the stability of her native levels by disposing of decayed, disorderly, unstable, or defective celestial mass. The primary means by which she accomplishes this is a blade, which she materializes from her hand as an orbit of fluid matter surrounding a black hole in the center.


An artistic rendition of the entity's aforementioned sword.

Furthermore, throughout the demolition process, small black holes will erratically form around Entity 700, further aiding her in absorbing and eliminating debris. There is a certain limit to how much matter the entity can consume and use, as too much exertion or consumption can cause the black holes around her to instead feed off of her own matter. With the exception of her blade and the environmental effects resulting from her destructive state (see Behaviors), Entity 700’s powers curiously do not seem to directly affect other lifeforms, even within close range.

Fortunately, such magnitudes of destruction have not occurred outside Entity 700’s native levels. Although it may be possible for her to leave her levels, there have not been any recently reported sightings outside them. This may be attributed to the entity's wish to distance herself.


Entity 700 is often ambivalent towards wanderers, though occasional unpredictability is to be expected in her actions. The entity exhibits irritability towards those interacting with her, but also remorse for any potential harm caused. Although there have been incidents in which lives were lost as a result of disturbing her, it appears that an effort is being made by her to avoid contact with others altogether.

Entity 700 has been observed to have three discernible primary states:


This is the default state of the entity, in which she is considered to be most stable and tranquil. While in this state, she is relatively passive and neutral, though little information is available to quantify the full extent of her demeanor, as this is her most infrequent state.


Also known as the “working” state, it is the period in which Entity 700 busies herself with feeding on celestial bodies. Focus is required to properly complete the process without damaging the rest of the level. During this state, the entity’s cataclysmic powers are at their strongest and most active. Due to her heightened volatility during this phase, any interaction may inadvertently provoke a harmful response from the entity. Additionally, explosions and debris create a hazardous and non-navigable environment for wanderers. As such, it is strongly advised to not disturb Entity 700 during this state.



Sketch of Entity 700 in her dormant state.

After consuming the maximum threshold of energy, Entity 700 will enter stasis. This is a critical resting period observed after the entity's destructive state has passed, as the black holes around her may multiply and consume her if she does not remain idle. Although the entity may appear to be in a deep sleep, she remains conscious and aware of her surroundings. Interestingly, Entity 700 will assume partial camouflage by surrounding herself with her own hair (see attached illustration), acting as both a shield and a cover while resting. In this state of alert hibernation, any disturbance may result in hostility. As with the destructive state, it is strongly advised to not disturb Entity 700 while it is ongoing.


  • Null-06: Entity 700 appears to be wary of Null-06, finding its destructive nature to be an unnatural upset to the balance of the levels she oversees. Besides working to hold Null-06 at bay and prevent its damage from becoming too widespread, there may also be a potential history shared between the two entities— as evidenced by the unease Entity 700 expresses in reaction to mentions of Null-06, and the nature of their observed interactions.
  • Entity 404: As opposed to Null-06, Entity 700 appeared to have had a positive connection with Entity 404— possibly even to the extent of a “friendship”. She was observed to mourn the loss of Entity 404 in the wake of its consumption by Null-06, which is likely a prominent factor in her rivalry with the latter.
  • Aster: Entity 700 fondly regards Aster, whom she met following Entity 404’s demise. Aster appears to assist Entity 700 in filling the void left by Entity 404, attempting to form a similar bond.


Entity 700 is believed to have existed in the Backrooms for at least as long as humans have inhabited it. The Lost have a plethora of myths and legends about “Solaris, the Starmother”; a goddess in their pantheon who maintained the heavens by consuming celestial bodies, keeping them in order. This was not perceived negatively, but rather as a necessary function of the universe. Leo Castellos, a surviving ancient member of The Lost, has corroborated the identity of Solaris with that of Entity 700.


An ancient wall carving found in the temple of Level 51, likely depicting Solaris.

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