Entity 699 - "Greinophones"
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Entity Number: 699

Habitat(s): Level 1, Level 5, Level 31, Level 20, others


A sketch of a stapler-headed Greinophone roaming on Level 1


Greinophones consist of various household/office devices held together by a rectangular device that has a strong electromagnetic field. They are generally docile unless aggravated.


Greinophones have as a head a stapler or a double-hole punch and a body made from various metallic household/office items held together by an electromagnetic force emitted by the central cuboidal device. The device has an antenna and a screen facing toward the front that emits a purple glow. This structure is attached to a singular wheel at the bottom via metal meshes.


Greinophones explore levels in search of metallic parts or lubricants that they can use to maintain their structures. They use their wheels for locomotion and have been observed to be able to travel at speeds of over 56 kilometers per hour1. By transmitting signals using their antenna, Greinophones are able to communicate with each other. These signals can be picked up by a receiver and translated to incoherent audio consisting of unevenly repeated beeps of various frequencies.

Upon encountering a wanderer, a Greinophone will ignore them unless approached. When approached, it will face them and remain still until they leave. When attacked, depending on the attacker's size, the attacked Greinophone will either flee or counterattack the attacker by hitting them with their metal parts.

Their life force comes from the device present at its center, the strong electromagnetic force emitted by it leads to various metal objects attaching to its body which later fall off. Greinophones transverse across levels individually and not in groups but they remain in a proximity of about 100 meters with other Greinophones. They show care and empathy for others of their kind and are very social.

A Greinophone's lifespan lasts for about 40-50 years, after which the energy from the device attached at its center begins to deplete rapidly. The color displayed on the screen of the central device of a dying Greinophone will change from purple to orange and eventually red. The dying Greinophone will eventually begin to lose its body parts, which eventually fall off from the body until only the central device attached to the antenna remains.


The first Greinophone discovered was found on Level 1. It was spotted on a security camera of a wanderer's tent hopping in a hallway. It was initially mistaken for being a Clicker until more encounters with Greinophones took place near the same area on Level 1 when it was classified to be a new entity. However, their origin remains unknown as they appear to have simply spawned on Level 1.

Dos and Don'ts:


  • Stay out of the way of a dying Greinophone as heavy body parts may fall on you.


  • Carry metallic objects near a Greinophone.
  • Aggravate a Greinophone.

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