Entity 69 - "The Red Colony"
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Entity Number: 69

Habitat(s): Level 37

The Red Colony roam the jungle of Level 37; it appears the humidity of the Level sustains their lifeforce the best. The Red Colony is a term used to describe all ants in it collectively.


A picture taken of the colony fleeing their habitat after it was sprayed with Almond Water.


The ants in the colony are what appear to be genetically modified Fire Ants with more powerful mutated mandibles, which are utilized to greatly injure humans that they come into contact with. These ants also possess incredible speed, often reaching speeds of above 15km/h. Along with these skills, the ants also appear to wield an immense intellect, often intentionally jamming Almond Water spray bottles. They also have the ability to swim without drowning and at speeds comparable to that of a frog, and as such are insusceptible to water-based offensives.

The main weaknesses of these creatures are their susceptibility to being sprayed with Almond Water along with their brittle shells. The ants can be easily killed by crushing them, even with fingers — though this is not recommended as the ants may bite harshly in their death throes. Crushing these ants one by one is not at all viable when they are in large numbers, so — if you can afford it — kill them with Almond Water.

The ants seem to gain energy via a quasi-photosynthetic process, aided by the humidity of the environment of Level 37. This factor is the cause of them building nests with open roofs, and above ground.

The effects of a bite

Getting bitten by an ant of The Red Colony can cause:

  • Bruises
  • Small blisters
  • General swelling
  • Itchiness
  • Strong heat
  • (Occasionally) slight green coloration

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Spray them with Almond Water
  • Use a protective suit or clothing that covers your entire body to avoid bites


  • Get them on your skin
  • Go too deep into their nests

Stay safe around these bastards; it takes a lot longer than you'd expect to get rid of the bites with the medical tech we have at the moment.
~ Johnathon, M.E.G. commander

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