Entity 666
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HABITAT(S): Unknown

HappyFiles: The website "HappyFiles" is a string of several websites that hosts instances of Entity 666 files that disguise as random applications. These web pages all share the same name, only differentiated by a set of random numbers within the URL. M.E.G. Webcrawlers have made multiple attempts to draw an IP Address from the source of the sites, all of which were generated IPv4 addresses that led to M.E.G. computer terminals. A conclusion has been drawn that the chain of HappyFiles cannot be shut down due to the rapid cloning of itself.


On April 21, 2022, an IPv4 address had been drawn from an instance of the website "HappyFiles" that appeared to contain a series of numbers that followed an identical format used by the U.E.C. After approximately 30 seconds of this IPv4 address being observed, it was noted to have changed to the typical format used by M.E.G. terminals. Due to this incident, it is suspected that the U.E.C. had created Entity 666 in order to further their progress toward their goal.

Description: Entity 666 is the designation given to a malicious .EXE file capable of disguising itself as a variety of video game and utility-type program files as well as manifesting in a physical form.

The websites Entity 666 can usually be found are fileshare.backrooms, iirc.backrooms, folders.meg, and backroomsdrive.meg. Although occasional occurrences can be spotted on the video-sharing platform, videohub.backrooms. Entity 666 does this by coding itself into these websites and infecting files in random quantities via network traffic.

When an individual is downloading the desired program from any variant of HappyFiles, it will instead download as a .ZIP file. Once extracted there will be an unzipped folder containing a .TXT file stating "Thank you for downloading this program! I hope you enjoy it, thank you for using HappyFiles!" along with an .EXE file with a lower quality version of the original icon for the specified program.

Once the .EXE file has been opened, the individual will now be designated Entity 666-A. When opened, the program will be an exact replica of the original counterpart of the specified program with no limitations or paywalls. Although if the program is a utility-type program, there will be an icon displaying the face of Entity 666. When clicked, a small icon displaying the same face will then replace the Windows icon and will take a spot in the Item Tray as a program. However this program is unable to be closed via Task Manager.

If the said program is a video game, after approximately 15 minutes after being opened, the player will begin to spot an instance of Entity 666. This instance will begin to slowly follow the player around throughout their gameplay slowly getting faster. Once the instance has caught up with the player, it will display a jumpscare animation1, crashing the computer.

If Entity 666-A repeatedly attempts to close the program or leaves it open for approximately 10 minutes, an instance of Entity 666 will then make an appearance on-screen displaying a jumpscare animation, crashing the computer and causing a small power shortage in the room that Entity 666-A is occupying as well as the physical manifestation of Entity 666.

Entity 666 has been described as being an all-black humanoid entity, measuring 2.1 meters in height, bearing a white mask, wide eyes, and an abnormally large smile. This facial expression does not change throughout its manifestation.

This instance will begin to travel to Entity 666-A at a steady and slow pace, and gradually pick up speed. If Entity 666-A were to turn on a light, Entity 666 will then vanish and appear invisible and will continue to make its commute toward Entity 666-A.

When Entity 666 reaches Entity 666-A, it will again, jumpscare Entity 666-A in hopes of causing a heart attack. If Entity 666-A fails to suffer a heart attack, Entity 666 will simply dismember Entity 666-A and then vanish. The file containing Entity 666 will then delete itself from the computer. Although Entity 666 will only attack the individual who installed the file and will ignore other individuals unless that same file is shared amongst others.


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