Entity 66 - "Shocker Ghul"
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Entity Number: 66

Habitat(s): - Shocker Ghuls are conceived at level Level 89 and will hang around on levels nearby, but there is nothing stopping them from getting on further levels. Because of that, you can run into one of them on any level that humans, animals, other entities with nervous systems or even some machines can access (but it is extremely rare).


Distorted picture of Shocker Ghul on Stage 3 taken by unknown author.


Shocker Ghuls are created by fusing host1 with Shocker on Level 89. That combination will result in Shocker Ghul that will resemble the host that It was fused with. If the host is too weak or unsuitable for Shocker Ghuls, for example, bugs, light bulbs, low voltage batteries etc… host will simply explode freeing Shocker once again.


Shocker Ghuls look almost exactly like the host that It possessed, but every hole, cut and sore will glow brightly yellow. Most veins and arteries will also emit light but to a lesser extent. If the host happens to be an electrical object it will not show any differences from the host object.


Shocker Ghuls act almost exactly like their host, but generally speaking they are a little more aggressive than their host counterpart.

Stages of Development:

Shocker Ghuls goes through many stages. The looks of an entity change very slightly, things that change the most are abilities. Described stages of development are referring to human Shocker Ghuls, but it's very likely that a similar process also applies to other biological hosts.

  • "Stage 0" - That stage happens right after the host has been fused with Shocker. At this point, the host's entire consciousness will be erased, but the host's body will remain working properly. At this moment Shocker will unwillingly replace the host's consciousness and will take control of the body, but because of over-stimulation, it will become unconscious on the ground.
  • * "Stage 1" - After 5 to 10 minutes Entity will slowly wake up and will flop around randomly while screaming distorted screams. It's theorized that this is the case because Shockers don't naturally know how to control biological and biological-like entities. At this stage veins and arteries will start to glow as well as some scars. This stage lasts about one day. An Anonymous user also sent a recording of the previously mentioned scream:

  • * "Stage 2" - After some time Stage 2 will begin. At this stage Shocker Ghul will slowly try to move, but its walk resembles more Zombie-like than a normal humanoid walk. In this stage Shocker Ghul will gain access to some of host's memories. It will also change the internal structure of the body, mainly metabolism oriented organs. This stage lasts about two weeks.
  • * "Stage 3" - At this stage Shocker Ghuls will gain total control over the body and all of the host's memories. It will develop a custom metabolism system that allows them to consume electricity as food as well as normal food. Because of tarnished memories Shocker Ghuls are very likely to have developmental problems such as identity crisis. Its leads to constant irritation and a short temper. It will also gain the ability to control electricity in a 1-2 meter radius. It will also passively distort any video or picture is taken of it.
  • * "Stage Ω" - This is the last stage of development. At this stage Shocker Ghuls can get stronger by remotely consuming energy from their surroundings. As it gains more power they begin to shine ever brighter. The full potential of the entity is unknown.


Depends entirely on the biology of the host.


It is unknown how the Shocker Ghul was originally discovered, as it is extremely rare. The earliest modern report of the Shocker Ghul was when an anonymous explorer take picture of one.

Additional Info:

Shocker Ghuls should be considered a danger. They are normally more dangerous than resembling a host. They have a short temper and should not be annoyed or irritated.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • If you see Shocker Ghul turn around and walk (Not run) in opposite direction.
  • If you are asked for help by Shocker Ghul you must help It.
  • if Shocker Ghul seems friendly you should accompany It. They are a great help to you, and it is advised to get one on your side if you don't have any other options.


  • Don't try to attack Shocker Ghul.
  • Don't try to "backstab" or betray Shocker Ghul. It will Not rest until you are dead.

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