The Puzzle Maker
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Entity: Puzzle Maker but call me Puzzle!

Habitat(s): Level Puzzle Box of Mysteries!



Ehem, ehem testing automatic audio transcript! Ehem!

It works! My audio device that directly transforms my spoken words into written words works!!

I hope they won't mind me adding my own article, hehe, meggies are a bit too serious to write about me.

Oh right it's already recording- oops-

Hello hello helloooo! Welcome to my little biography! Lucky one that passed my test! I'll explain everything of importance later, so for now let's just get to know each other right now!

I'm Puzzle Maker, but others call me Puzzle! I know I already said that before but still! From my name you can probably guess that I can make cool puzzles! Like the one you've just spent about half of the day working on based on my previous records… unless you're faster than the others of course!

My entire level is full of puzzles and things like that! They're all my creations!

But it's hidden very far away… hidden to those that didn't pass my test.

Nobody knows about it, except those that are in my realm.

People used to come before, but now only a few do…

S-So well-

So you're very lucky!

My realm is the realm of creativity, I can shape it however I desire, I could create an entire world inside of my level if I wanted to! But that wouldn't be fun, you know?

But I can't create even a bit of company, haha, in fact I'm…

Pretty lonely.

… Haha.

Anyways! I am very smart, I think! That's how I'm able to create so many complicated puzzles and tricks, I guess it's just what I was born to do, to challenge my mind, yet no matter how hard I try, I never lose! That's why it gets boring after a while, but I'll keep you entertained!

I am also a jester! Jesters are amazing, they make people have fun! Everyone loves jesters!

So you must be pretty excited to see me, right?

I can beat any game, solve any problem, and make anything. What sort of fun can I get from that?! All alone?

I'm a jester! Jesters are supposed to entertain! Not be lonely…

But I don't have to build things on my own anymore, or be alone! People like you that are full of enthusiasm and curiousity towards puzzles are exactly what I was looking for to challenge myself with!

We'll have so much fun soon enough!

So stick around.

Pretty please?


I'm very cool, I know about 500 puns that I've studied from my pun book, along with 400 different topics to discuss in case you get bored, though sometimes I forget to stop talking and overshare about my hobbies — not many people like that but I'm trying, I promise!

As a jester, I am entertaining, in fact I can do circus things! And I'm very colorful! People love colours don't they?

I like to give hints when people are solving my puzzles, and I like to help with chores like cleaning! I guess I'm helpful maybe!

I can do many things! I can-


I don't— really have any other qualities about me, haha.

But I can learn!

You won't get bored of me though, right?!

Yes, yes, of course you won't!

I'm good, I'm better now, I'm not a scary monster anymore, I'm a perfect perfect Jester.

Don't leave me all alone.


I'm made of puzzles! Literally, I can shape my body however I want, and change the texture of how I feel with just a touch.

Because my body is made of puzzles, I can create pieces and switch them with my current ones, so I can become anything! Learn anything! And infinite other possibilities!

In my chest I store a colorful cube that is my heart,; the essence of my existence it is very important, luckily it cannot be removed!

Some years ago I looked a bit more scary, I wasn't able to shape-shift very well but I promise I look nice now, so don't be afraid of me, please!

I swear I look absolutely great, so don't give up on coming here!

After all, I can make myself look how you want me to!

I can change my hairstyle however I want so that I can look fashionable. Sometimes I like to look through the stuff that falls in my level like wigs and other pretty things so I can wear them! I studied about human things so I could be the very best to entertain all of you!

I can look like however you want me to…

Isn't that great?!


You still need me don't you? You still need me to smile and laugh and be entertained right?

I won't disappear… right?

I won't be all alone… I'm still…



I don't exactly remember the reason I'm here, or how I appeared here in the first place…

I remember I was gifted the power of creativity so so long ago, when I was just a simple puzzle box in an empty white room.

I wasn't alive, really, I was an inanimate object that got lost and forgotten in that room, haha…

They forgot about me, they grew older, they found new toys, and…

They forgot I existed…

Then… I fell here…

And stayed in place for a very long time…

The cube in my chest… that was what woke me up from this inanimate life, it landed on me and I felt like a sudden force gave me life.

I heard the cube talking to me and that was the last time it ever spoke.

What the cube said…

"Create fun

Bring laughter

Be humorous"

I never understood the reason of these words in fact I only knew that was my purpose, my reason of being alive…

Ever since then, I've tried to follow what the cube had said, I tried to entertain others through laughter… fun.

I wasn't good enough.

I'll never be good enough…

I don't really have anywhere else to go besides here, it's the only place I feel like I belong.

Puzzles are the only thing I know how to do.

I tried and tried to be more appealing! But…

It doesn't work…

Making puzzles kept me happy, but it became boring after a while.

Everything is boring now.

I don't enjoy doing anything.

I don't have a family, I don't have anybody, I don't even have a name, because family gives you a name.

I'm so alone…

In the end a puzzle box will always be forgotten, because new things will bring joy to others.

And I… what will happen to me?… Once everybody stops coming here?…

I don't want to disappear.

I don't want to disappear.

Don't abandon me here, don't leave me.




It's been so long since I've been waiting here… for someone…



But— I have friends now! Haha! I have so many friends that play with me!
What am i worrying about!?

I'm fine! I'm fineeee!

Sorry for the whining, that was very boring, I won't bore you any further! Let's finish the rest of the important informations about me! Like cool secretssss!

Secrets are entertaining right?!

I am being entertaining, my entire purpose is to be that!

So let me continue being a source of fun.

I'll do anything and everything, just like a great jester.

Just please…

Don't throw me away.

Additional Info

I collect cute tiny reptiles made of clay! Oh oh! I also have a collection of adorable rainbow clothes, things that are fashionable to humans! I like to put tiny things in my hair, like ribbons!

My tongue is blue! Like candy! Sometimes I bite it, but I don't taste very good.

I just realized I should have said this in the biology section! I'm sorry!

I hope it's not that important, heh!

I like my nails painted pink. Pink is my favourite colour, but I also like the rainbow colour, it was the colour of my cube, so that's why I love it so much.

But— you can paint them any color you want!

I like the furball creatures that smell like fish! They're very fluffy, and I like to create Puzzle versions of them to keep me company! They're named Biscuit, Rock, Toe, and Ball. You can find them on their little slide, I recommend petting them! But not belly rubs, they hate belly rubs.

I talk to them a lot, every day.


I don't like liquid foods, the texture makes me shiver, yuck! Give me soft foods instead! Like pancakes!

Ah but you can feed me anything still! I— it's just picky eating, I can deal with that!

I wear two different shoes and socks: I love the fuzzy feeling on my right foot, and the colder feeling on my left! Maybe I could share my wardrobe with everyone one day.

I like things called "anime". Some wanderers like to talk about them. I like the ones with magical humans that have pretty colorful clothes. I want to be a magical puzzle person too, and be loved by others.

I want everybody to love me!

My favourite puzzles are those that have food and soft objects in them! Don't use that to bribe me though! I don't like to give unfair advantages to others!

Don't hate me for that…


My favourite board games are those that are long, and require precision and time to complete!

Ah! I should probably stop talking before I run out of topics and make my brain get sleepy, you're probably bored by now.

I think now you know enough about me! So get ready for the final step!! Aren't you excited?!

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Talk to me!
  • Play with me and challenge me with your puzzles!
  • Share your interests and hobbies with me!
  • Hug me if you want!


  • Be scared of me, or frightened by me!
  • Pinch my face too hard
  • Get bored of me
  • Leave me alone
  • Don't Ignore me
  • Please
  • Please I am so alone.
  • I have been alone for so long.
  • It hurts.
  • It hurts so much.
  • I'm not a monster…

There is more to this tale than there was told.

The tale of a creature that wanted love.

In this hellish realm of death and loneliness.

Chosen to be one of the spawns of humour.

The story of a puzzle box that was brought to life

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