Entity 64 - "Wallpaper Wraith"
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Entity Number: 64

Habitat: Level 13, Level 33


Entity 64, also known as Wallpaper Wraiths, are giant slug-like creatures that use a red slimy substance to stick to walls and ceilings. They are able to camouflage into the color and pattern of the ceilings while hunting. They can move around on the ceiling by climbing onto to walls, which is where they got their name.


Entity 64 hunt by sneaking up on their prey, and then opening up their mouth to extend their long tendril like tongue. They will proceed to wrap their tongue around you, beginning with your mouth to stop you from screaming. Entity 64 will then either suck their tongue back into their mouth, eating you whole, or take you to their nest, leaving your body for their young. Wallpaper Wraiths have a specialized defense mechanism in the event that they are attacked. Injuring an Entity 64 will cause them to spit a paralyzing black liquid at their attacker which has the capability of freezing a human being in place, making them easy to consume. Only harm a Wallpaper Wraith if absolutely necessary.


Entity 64 are predators that use their tongues to catch their prey. Wallpaper Wraith's tongues are extremely powerful, and are able to snap your neck or strangle you. Wallpaper Wraith's ears are extremely sensitive, and if the entity hears a loud noise, it will usually have a heart attack and die. This makes dealing with these entities extremely simple.

Entity 64 spend their time not hunting inside of the ceilings of the level they reside in, and this is usually where their nest is too. Female Wallpaper Wraiths will lay hundreds of eggs in their nests, and leaving a stash of food near the nest for them to eat when they hatch. Then the mother will usually die from exhaustion from laying hundreds of eggs. When the young Wallpaper Wraiths (also known as Raiths) hatch, they will eat the stash of food and then their siblings. When there are only about seven left, they will rest, and while resting, they will grow to their full size. Then they will proceed to find spots for their own nests, and they will start hunting to begin the process again.


Wallpaper Wraiths were discovered when an explorer from the M.E.G. went up into the ceiling after he heard a "strange noise". He went up into the ceiling, discovering the entities, and allowing us to know how they reproduce. After the process was over, he sneaked out of the ceiling and explained everything he knew to the M.E.G.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Screaming will swiftly kill them because of their weak ears
  • Checking the ceiling is an easy way to know if any Entity 64 are nearby, so search for them and their slimy red trails


  • Walking slowly away from the entity will give the it an ample amount of time to capture you, so just run if you are attacked
  • Hurting Wallpaper Wraiths. Again, never do this. It is a common mistake, and will most certainly get you killed

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