Entity 6 - "Dullers"
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Entity Number: 6

Habitat - Majority of Levels


Dullers are strange creatures generally found in the lower levels of The Backrooms. They appear dark grey and humanoid, but they lack several prominent features, such as a face or ears. It is not fully understood how Dullers kill their prey, as they usually run away from threats.


They usually run away from anything that gets close, but be aware that these Entities do seem to be hostile, The Entity hunts by being in a hall, and having a victim in a hall on the other side of a wall. The Duller will then no-clip its arm through the wall capturing the prey on the other side, and then drag them into their hall. If you notice a Duller, without their hunting tactic, they will silently run away. It is unknown what they do to you once captured. They can sometimes take seemingly random objects, and it is unknown what they do with the items. They also seem to dislike Almond Water, as Wanderers report that Dullers seem to avoid Almond Water fountains, and other items.


Tall, grey humanoid, frail skeletal structure, with no facial features. They have long arms, that can extend to very far distances, usually to reach their prey on the other side of the wall. Their stance is very wobbly, and their walking motion is unnatural. These Entities are surprisingly strong for how their body structure looks. They can however run at extreme speeds, even while holding items twice their own weight.


It is unknown how this Entity was discovered in modern times, but a group known as The Lost mentioned a being known as "Grasps of The Wall", which could be referring to a Duller.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Specifically run to it if you can, it will run away.
  • Use Almond Water on yourself, or against them.


  • Lose your Almond Water.
  • Be on the opposite wall from the Duller.

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