The Lonely Scarecrow
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The Lonely Scarecrow stands at the center of a field of wheat.

It does not feel.

It does not need to feel.

It moves closer now. Faster than you can think.

Don't run.

Stop moving. Look back at it.

He's closer this time.

Or maybe it's you.

Look at the ground now.

Mutilated crows. Turned inside out.

Look how they twitch.

They're still alive.

Are you scared?

Don't be scared.

The Scarecrow is just lonely.

It's in front of you now.

Have you thought about how you were going to die?

Are you ready?

Walk closer.

"We're all dead."


"The Lonely Scarecrow" is a scarecrow that can be found in many field-like levels, such as Level 10, or Level 170. No connection to Entity 126 or Object 10 have been found as of yet. The scarecrow normally appears suddenly after one blinks, in the center of a circle of dead and dried wheat or grass. Its assumed that the entity is responsible for the death of the grass, though nothing confirms this. The entity itself is made out of a few thin logs, posed in the shape of a humanoid. It's face is made of tweed, weaved into a sphere, and then covered by a white cloth. Around it's neck, a red spotted tie. Based on the quality of the wood and cloth, the entity looks both old and weathered.

Around the entity, deceased animals and humans are in great supply, whether or not they had been there when it appeared. All of the corpses are significantly decayed and rotted, having been dead for an assumedly long time. Digging in the ground around the entity will reveal a mix of bones, broken wood, and insects such as maggots. The M.E.G. have not allowed physical testing with the scarecrow, as there may be a chance that touching it may be the cause of death for the surrounding corpses.


Fig. 1, The painting is named "The Lonely Scarecrow," giving the entity it's name.

Despite the entity being inanimate and non-living, many depictions of the entity (photographs, paintings, etc.) have been found showing it move. See Fig. 1. Whether the entity truly does move or not is unknown. To current knowledge, whatever The Lonely Scarecrow may be, it is known throughout many if not all cultures. Cave paintings have been found of a tall thin object standing with two arms out, and around it creatures lay dead. In temples in Level 37, small bundles of sticks can be found on sacrificial alters, depicting the scarecrow.

Little to nothing, besides the information above, is known about the entity. However, what little information that has been found has been discovered in completely different locations, far from where The Lonely Scarecrow could be found. Some documents were discovered at a church in Level 10. Said information is listed below.


Fig. 2, A less accurate depiction of the scarecrow, painting was found nameless.


Fig. 3, The scarecrows outside of the church. There are more not seen here.

Recovered Information:

The following information was found in Level 10, inside of a clearly abandoned religious building, assumed to be a church. Upon entry to the church, multiple crows had exited the building, though this may not be related to the entity. In the back staff rooms of the building, a painting was found leaning on the wall. See Fig. 2. Also discovered were many documents surrounding a corpse, and a leather bound book. All of which had not been touched in what looked to be years. The corpse was of a pastor who had died reading the documents. When he was brought outside to be buried by the task force, many scarecrows were discovered behind the building. See Fig. 3. All of which were headless. The clothing on these scarecrows was untouched, and apparently placed recently, having little to no wear and tear.

The documents are placed in order of least to most importance, ending with the leather bound book. Some of the words on the documents were unable to be read, and will be signified with an [UNREADABLE] placeholder.


Begin Log: 07:12 AM, 31 October 2021, Frontrooms Time.
Perspective: M.E.G. Team "Patch" Captain Aaron Hill-Moore

M.E.G. Operative Team "Patch" were sent on a mission to make contact with a settlement found in Level 10. The settlement was discovered by a recon drone 203 miles east of the church mentioned previously. It should be noted that, at this time, team "Patch" only consisted of three members. The smaller group was sent to look less threatening, though they were each given a firearm.

Video log was discovered on the chest of Aaron Hill-Moore's body. He was dug out of a pile of corpses in what seemed to be a decimated settlement that was very populated before the events of the video log. The rest of Team "Patch" was found also dead in random locations throughout the settlement. There were no survivors found. Despite what is shown in the log, the lonely scarecrow was not found in or near the town.

[Static and feedback noises as the camera is switched on. Shown is the entirety of M.E.G. Team "Patch." Captain Aaron, a dark skinned man who stands at about 6'1", walks forward in the center of the other two members of Team "Patch," fixing his glasses. Celia, a shorter woman with a full head of dreadlocks that bounces as she walks, looks at a clipboard before attaching it to her belt, walking to the right of Aaron. On the left, 2nd Lieutenant Leo leisurely walks forward, both hands placed on the back of his head. His curly brown hair flows behind his head. The group is joking to each other and Leo and Aaron are both smiling.]

Aaron Hill-Moore, "Patch" Captain: "Say hi! Team "Patch" here! Starting recording at… What time is it?"

Celia Manuel, "Patch" Lieutenant: 7:13, did you lose your watch again?

Leo Clarrison, "Patch" 2nd Lieutenant: "He definitely did. We're going to have to glue it to him soon."

Aaron: "Hey! Be nice to your Captain. I'm working my hardest over here."

[He clips the camera onto his chest, facing it forward to what the group is walking to. Ahead, a settlement. It looks to be unmodernized, what buildings are shown are made out of wood, logs and stone, with thatch rooves. A fence surrounds the entire town stands at approx. 8 feet high, with a spiked top. The groups laughing suddenly dissolves into silence. A moment passes until the silence is broken.]

Leo: "Creepy. You're sure this is the settlement we were sent for? It looks abandoned. I don't know who they're looking to make contact with."

Aaron: "Well, if it isn't populated, we can just call it in and leave. Maybe they'll make it into an outpost."

Leo: "I say we take it for ourselves, make our own utopia right here! We'll live like pilgrims, farming and raising cattle and stuff. Celia can milk the cows."

Celia: "If I have to milk them, you're cleaning up the manure."

Leo: "Hey! That's no fair!"

Aaron: "I don't know Leo, sounds fair to me."

Leo: "Don't gang up on me! Just because I'm lowest rank doesn't mean shit! I'll get you for that."

[The groups laughs to themselves, but that quickly stops. In silence, they approach the entrance of the town, which is left open and unguarded. Captain Aaron looks to the rest of the group before they enter, Leo and Celia can be seen staring forward, confused.]

Aaron: "Alright, if we see anyone, let me do the talking. Keep your hands on your guns, we have no idea if they're friendly or not. Don't loot any buildings, I don't know about you— but I'd prefer if we didn't give them a reason to kill us."

[Leo and Celia nod when Aaron faces them, and then he turns back toward the town. As they approach the entrance, closer now, the town can be seen desolate. No lights are on in any buildings, and doors are left open. Aaron can be seen reaching toward his side, where his pistol is kept. Team "Patch" walks into the town also in completely silence and survey the area.]

Aaron: "Split up, search the area. Reconvene here. I'll go straight, Celia take right, Leo go left. Turn your walkies on the whole time, if you see something, say something."

[Each group member turns a dial on the walkies strapped to their belts, activating them. Silently, the group nods to each other and splits. Aaron turns around and begins walking down the gravel path through the center of town. A few meters ahead Aaron stops near the front of a building. He can be seen taking his gun out and holding in ahead of him, ready to fire. He opens the door, looking left and right to ensure nobody is there. When he finds nothing, he lowers the gun and explores the building.]

Aaron: (To radio:) "Checked a building, nothing here. Though, it looks lived-in. Someone was here recently. Anyone copy?" (After no response, he repeats, visibly panicked.) "Hello? Does anyone copy?"

Celia: (Through radio:) "I'm here, I've discovered nothing besides empty houses. Though, these people seem to be really fond of Autumn, there's pumpkins everywhere. I tripped into a pile of leaves earlier, not even sure how they got here."

Aaron: (To radio, sighing:) "Alright, how about Leo?" (He waits for a response, and gets none.) "Leo?"

[From the radio comes a lot of static, visibly shocking Aaron. Leo's voice can be heard in between the waves of static.]

Leo: (Through radio:) "Guys…Some kind of…Body made of twine…Bones inside…Someone's here…(Struggling noises)…Help!"

Celia: (Through radio:) "Leo?! Leo what happened?"

Aaron: "I, I…"

Celia: (Through radio:) "Captain we should meet back up— like now. I'm on my way to the rendezvous point, meet you there. No detours."

Aaron: (To radio:) "I— Yeah— Yeah I'm on my way."

[Aaron clicks off his radio and pauses for a moment. He's apparently shocked, breathing heavily and staring forward. A voice from outside the building alerts him, and he ducks underneath a window. From outside the house multiple voices can be heard, all of which are unrecognizable and cheery. Aaron turns to face the open window, and warm yellow light enters the building. Aaron stands slightly as the light gets brighter and the voices get louder, the source of both apparently getting closer.]

Unknown Voice: (Echoing down the street and growing closer.) "Patience found someone in the workshop. He was tearing apart our sculptures, defacing old Briant's poor body. We found Patience on the floor, stabbed with her own knife. We need to find who this traitor is, before he hurts somebody else!"

[A roar of cheers follows the small speech, and a trample of footsteps is heard behind Aaron, stomping down the path. Aaron turns around, trying to silence his heavy breathing, and peers over the windowsill. Outside, a mob of people walks quickly past. On closer investigation of the video, they can be seen holding torches, candles, pumpkins carved hollow with light sources inside, lanterns and other light sources. They're each wearing very old styled clothing, which is made of cotton, linen, or other fabrics, much like early Americans would wear in the Frontrooms. The people are very diverse in appearance, different ethnicities, hair colors, etc. All of them look afraid or angry, their eyes wide.]

[The mob passes Aaron, who ducks back down under the window. The footsteps can be heard passing him, and he exhales in relief. He stands, pushing himself off the floor, which creaks underneath him. Walking forward, he makes his way through the house, exploring and pushing over small items to look underneath. Eventually, he reaches the upstairs bedroom, and outside, the stomping noises return.]

Aaron: "What the…"

[Outside the building, the mob passes back through town. Their demeanor seems to be more excited. Instead of the hushed speech, angry yelling is heard as they pass. At the front of the mob, two of the townspeople (one, and older man, the other, a young adult girl) holding Celia by the arms. Blood is dripping from somewhere underneath her hair, and she's unconscious. Her feet drag across the ground. Aaron steps back, gasping, and falls backward onto the floor, knocking over some objects.]

[Aaron starts to lift himself off the floor, cursing to himself, when a loud creak comes from downstairs. He quiets himself immediately and finally gets off the floor, lifting his gun out in front of him and stepping quietly down the stairs.]

[Making his way to the kitchen, bright lights are now coming from the room Aaron had previously entered from. Two voices speak to each other in hushed tones, too quiet to make out what they're saying. One walks into the kitchen, and Aaron ducks behind a shelf. He turns momentarily, looking at the person who had just entered. A very young woman, assumedly a teen, searches the room holding a lantern. Her light illuminates her face, which is dark, her hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. She wears similar clothes to the mob outside, a white linen dress and a jacket tied around her waist with a belt. Aaron ducks back behind the shelf, breathing hard.]

Aaron: "Dammit, I don't want to shoot a little girl."

[Aaron waits a moment while the girl gets closer, indicated by her footsteps. Once her light reaches close enough Aaron quickly rushes out from behind the shelf, grunting. He throws an arm around the girls neck, holding his gun in the other, and points it to the source of the other voice. The girl struggles and screams out for help, though an audio glitch distorts what she says.]

Aaron: "Who are you people?! Huh? What's going on and why did you take one of us?!"

Girl: "Let me go— Help!"

[The light of the other figure from the other room approaches quickly. In from the entry way comes a ruffled and bleeding Leo who holds up his hands. A cut on his cheek leaks blood that reflects in the dim lighting.]

Leo: "Woah, woah! Relax! She's with me!"

Aaron: "Leo— What?"

Leo: "Man, put down the gun! And stop being so loud, you'll let the whole place know we're here!"

[Aaron, confused, begins to lower his weapon and releases the grip on the girl. In response, the girl whirls around, grabbing the gun from Aaron's hand and discarding it onto the floor.]

Leo: "Mahala chill, chill! Aaron's nice! Uh— Her dad's a cop— WAS a cop."

[Aaron faces the girl and she backs away. Cautiously, he bends down and grabs his gun, placing it back on his belt. Aaron approaches Leo and quickly brings him in for a quick hug.]

Aaron: "You'd better start explaining what the hell is happening. Preferably before those people come back."

Leo: "Alright— Uh— When we split up I found this like, woodworking shop. I went inside and found this weird human made out of sticks and shit—"

Mahala: "Twine, the right word is twine."

Leo: "Whatever. Anyways I looked inside and they were full of bones and organs and shit. Mahala told me that's what they do with their dead bodies before burning them. Creepy, right?"

Mahala: "Rude."

Aaron: "Uh…"

Leo: "Then some lady came in and attacked me with a knife! I managed to grab it from her and stab her and run, but then the whole town comes looking for me. I hid in a house and that's when Mahala found me. Turns out she's not a huge fan of this place, can't say I am either."

Aaron: "Wait, wait— this girl said she would help you and you just trusted her?"

Mahala: "Hey, I want to get out of here just as much as you guys. Tonight's the festival and I do not want to be in town when that goes down. I barely even survived until now."

Leo: "Oh yeah— she keeps bringing up this festival. I'm not sure what it is yet, but apparently its dangerous."

Aaron: "It doesn't matter, we won't be staying for the festivities. We need to get back to the M.E.G. and tell them what's going on here. Mahala—"

Mahala: "I'm coming with you."

Aaron: "Good. But I need your help. They took Celia."

Leo: "They did what?!"

Aaron: "I think they thought she was you."

Leo: "Celia looks nothing like me!"

Mahala: "These people would punish anyone just to be done with it, I know where they took her, but it's right in the center of the festival. I can take you there, but I'm not going in. I…"

Leo: "Don't sweat it, I can get how scary this must be for you. We can get Celia back, right Captain?"

Aaron: "Uhm… Yeah, yeah we can. Let's go. Snuff out those lanterns, we're more noticeable with them."

Mahala: "Wait!" (She rushes over to a cabinet, and pulls out two small kitchen knives.) "They're quieter than your guns."

Aaron: "Thank you, Mahala. C'mon, let's go."

[The group then goes quiet. Aaron and Leo follow Mahala out of the house and down the street. They move through different houses and buildings, and eventually some distant noise stops them. Aaron waves to the other two and ducks behind a building.]

Leo: "What, what's up?"

Aaron: "Mahala, we need to know what we're going to be dealing with in there."

[Mahala pauses, then nods]

Mahala: "We uh… we call it the harvest festival. Every few years we all gather together around this… thing.

Aaron: "What is it?"

Mahala: "I— It's a scarecrow. Or it— it looks like one. But—"

Leo: "A scarecrow? Y'all gather around a scarecrow? How dumb is that?"

Aaron: "Leo, not the time."

Leo: "Oh, sorry."

Mahala: "It's not just a scarecrow. This thing, it— It kills things. Nobody knows how or why but things die when it's around. That's why we worship it, it takes a few of ours and leaves the rest of us to prosper until the next one. It's like—"

Leo: "A cult."

Mahala: "What? No—"

Leo: "I don't know, sounds like a cult to me."

Aaron: "Leo, stop it. Let's go. Mahala, meet us at the town's gate, okay? That's where we came in. We'll be there once we get Celia, promise."

Mahala: "O-okay, I'll see you then, be safe Leo."

Leo: "You betcha, safe is my middle name!"

[Aaron nods to Mahala, who slinks through the alleyway. Aaron and Leo stand and walk down the street, silent. The noise of the festival becomes less distant as they approach. The camera pans down and Aaron extends a hand out toward Leo, who takes it in his own. The two walk together until a light near the end of the road halts them both.]

Aaron: "Stay together, don't get split apart."

Leo: "Got it. See you on the other side, captain."

Aaron: "Very disheartening, thanks Leo."

Leo: "It was supposed to be funny— never mind, let's check this festival out."

[The pair approaches the source of the light from beside a building. As they approach, the noises of yelling, cheering, and music become almost deafening. Finally, Aaron's chest camera gets a view of the town center. A ring of people dancing in a circle surround a pyre of something burning. In the center, a tall (approx. 20 ft.) scarecrow matching the description of "The Lonely Scarecrow" stands. Outside of that, many groups of people spread throughout the rest of the town's center. Some near tables full of food, others playing music with simple instruments, and others simply socializing. A noise alerts Aaron and he backs into the alley, Leo following close by.]

[From the road the pair had just walked down, a group of around eight townspeople walk toward the festival. Four of them hold a wooden structure above their heads. A scarecrow post. At the top, arms spread wide and tied to a horizontal bar, Celia hangs from her hands, unconscious. The townspeople had changed her clothes, as she now wears a formal outfit, similar in style to the rest of the town. Her outfit consists of a dark cloak, a black shirt with golden buttons up the center, similar black pants and shoes, and a white ribbon tied around the neck. The wound on her forehead had not closed, and blood leaks onto her face and into her eye.]

[Aaron reaches for his gun and steps forward, but a quick glance reveals it missing. Leo puts a hand out in front of Aaron to stop him moving forward.]

Leo: "Don't do it man, getting caught now wont help us, and it definitely wont help her. We're outnumbered, we've got to think about this."

Aaron: "Fine, but we aren't leaving without her."

Leo: "I know that, you think I'd just leave her here?"

Aaron: "No… of course not.

Leo: "We need to get out there and get her down. I don't think they're going to let us get even close to her though."

Aaron: (Silent for a moment.) "We could use a distraction… I doubt they take well to people ruining their festivities."

[Aaron and Leo both start the next sentence, but Aaron stops and Leo continues.]

Leo: "I'll do it."

Aaron: "Leo, that's a horrible idea."

Leo: "Too late I've already decided." (Aaron begins but Leo cuts him off again.) "I can sneak around the town center to the other side. I'll… push over some thing, yell at 'em. They'll never know what hit their dumb festival."

Aaron: "Please be safe. I can't lose anyone today."

Leo: "Do I need to repeat myself? Safe is my middle name. I'll be fine."

[Leo smiles before sprinting away from Aaron. He's seen turning past a building before Aaron turns the opposite direction. Given the time alone, Aaron looks down at his belt to where his gun should be. Noticing earlier that it had gone missing, he examines it again.]

Aaron: "Shit. That fucking girl…"

[A noise distracts him, and he looks up and forward. Near the other end of the town center, opposite of Celia who still hangs unconscious, Leo is seen entering. He had pushed something over, one of the tables of food now lay spilled out on the ground.]

Leo: (Distantly) "Hey assholes! Fuck your weird ass scarecrow. I'm the one who stabbed that lady, right next to your equally weird corpse basket. Come and fucking get me!"

[The music stops, and so does the talking. Only the crackling of the pyre is heard for a moment before someone shouts something inaudible. About half the townspeople begin moving, mostly men.]

Leo: (Distantly) "Oh shit."

[Leo starts running the other direction and many of the townspeople follow. Aaron, who had been watching, takes this as his opportunity to rush over to Celia. He tries to sneak around different objects and festival décor, but has to go out into the open once he reaches Celia. He examines the wooden pole she hangs off of. On the ground under it, sticks and piled together to form a burnable pile. The cross itself faces directly toward the scarecrow that sits in the center of town.]

[Aaron reaches up toward the ropes around Celia's wrist. He grips the knife he was given and begins to cut through it. As he does, a groaning noise alerts him. Turning right, Celia's head moves and she moans. Her clean eye opens slightly and she looks at Aaron, who finally cuts through the rope. She goes limp, but Aaron catches her and lifts her as he cuts the other rope.]

Celia: "Cap— Captain?"

Aaron: "Don't talk, I've got you. Stay still, please stay still."

[He cuts through the other rope and catches Celia, who places a shaking hand on his chest. Aaron is about to start moving, but stops entirely. A clicking noise, revealed to be a gun, is heard behind him. An unrecognizable voice speaks.]

Voice: "Drop her. Leave our town and we might let you go."

[After a pause, Aaron begins placing Celia down gently, sitting her up against a bale of hay. As she makes it to the ground, she reaches out toward Aaron, groaning lightly. For a moment, we can see the man behind him. Gray hair on his head is tied back into a tight bun, the man himself has a lean build. He holds a gun, though not one of team "Patch's" firearms. The gun is a revolver, and looks old and unused.]

Unidentified Man: "That's good. Now you can walk away and leave this town of ours. We never bothered you, we're a simple town. You got that? You tell whoever sent you that we're uninterested."

[The hand holding the gun is shaking, but he keeps it trailed on Aaron. His eyes are wide, and the light of the fire shows sweat dripping down his face. Aaron begins to stand, and the man flinches, ready to fire. Aaron continues standing cautiously, hands raised.]

Aaron: "Relax man, I'm not going to do anything."

[The man shakes more and points the gun closer, he bites his lip and yells.]

Unidentified Man: "Is that what you three told my daughter? Don't think I didn't notice she was missing. What did you do to her?! Huh?! Tell me!"

Aaron: "W-we didn't do anything to your daughter sir—"

Unidentified Man: "Shut up! I don't want to hear it. Mahala is always so good about the festival. She wouldn't miss it for the world. What did you do to her?!"

Aaron: "Mahala…" (Aaron pauses) "Sir, we didn't harm your daughter."

Unidentified Man: "I said shut up! Shut your mouth, you traitor! You ruined our festival! You—"

Mahala: "Dad!"

[Both the man and Aaron turn toward the voice. A few meters away, Mahala stands, holding a gun pointed toward her father (hereby known as "Father").]

Mahala: "Let him go! He didn't hurt me. Aaron's a friend."

Father: "Mahala! Honey where have you been I—"

Mahala: "Let him go, dad!"

Father: "What?" (He chuckles, exasperated) "Why would I let him go?! He's a traitor, baby. I— I'm protecting you from him."

Mahala: "No you're not— You're only protecting this dumb festival. You're scared of that stupid scarecrow. Let him go and you can leave with me, please."

[Mahala's father points the gun away from Aaron, and then back. He bites his lip again, thinking hard.]

Father: "I— …I'm sorry honey. I'm doing this for you."

[He points the gun at Aaron. A loud bang emanates from the weapon, which flashes. Aaron stumbles backward and Mahala screams. From the ground, Mahala is seen pointing the gun at her father and pulling the trigger. Her father falls to the ground, presumed dead, and she throws the gun to the ground. Around them, screams can be heard from the townspeople. At first just one, but then more join. Multiple towns people can be seen falling to the ground, those around them yelling in horror.]

Aaron: "Wh… Celia…"

[Mahala rushes over to Aaron, kneeling over him and looking down.]

Mahala: "Oh no, oh no, no, no. H-he hit your shoulder, that should be fine, right? You'll live!"

[Aaron lifts a finger and points to the townspeople falling to the ground. Mahala turns and clasps a hand over her mouth.]

Mahala: "It's the festival, the scarecrow is taking them— I—"

[Aaron shifts, sitting up off the ground. He grabs his shoulder with the opposite hand, grunting in pain.]

Aaron: "Mahala, Mahala look at me! (Mahala turns) "I need you to help Celia up, we need to leave."

[Mahala nods and crouches next to Celia. She puts two fingers under Celia's neck, checking her pulse.]

Mahala: "I… she— I think she's dead."

[Aaron takes a step back, spitting out blood onto the ground. He groans, stepping forward again.]

Aaron: "We can't stay… You're sure?"

Mahala: "Yes… sorry."

Aaron: "…" (He pauses.) "Come on, let's get you out of here."

[Mahala puts an arm around a limping Aaron and they begin to walk out of the town center. The townspeople has apparently forgotten about the two, currently being slaughtered by an unknown force. The two walk together down the street, until Aaron stumbles up against a building. He leans on the wall, now holding his side.]

Mahala: "Aaron? Are you okay? Can you walk?!"

Aaron: "I'm okay, I'm okay… I just need… need a minute."

[Aaron trails off. He stays still for a moment. Mahala's eyes widen, she'd been crying as they walked, her eyes are now bloodshot and cheeks reddish. The camera falls, and with it Aaron, who apparently had died while standing there. It is unknown if he passed away from his injuries or if the external force murdering the townspeople was involved. Mahala stands above him, grabbing his clothes and shaking them.]

Mahala: "Get up— get up! You can't just leave me here! I— You were my only way out of here."

[Mahala breaks down, sobbing. For a few moments nothing happens, and the town goes eerily quiet. Even the distant screams had stopped. In the next few moments, a visual glitch covers the screen. Then another. After the third visual glitch, a tall wooden figure stands to the left of the screen, assumedly appearing there. Mahala turns to it, still sobbing.]

Mahala: "What do you want?! What do you want from us?! What are you?! What aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

[The video glitches again, this time not returning. Mahala is heard screaming, but the audio glitches and extends it, so it is unknown when she stopped. The video stops soon after, it's storage full.]

Summary: Mahala's body was the only one not discovered with all of the others in the ruins of the town. It is unknown if she is alive or not. The scarecrow that stood in the center of the town was not found with the bodies. There were no survivors. Everything in this video is to be taken as fact, and the entity should be treated accordingly. All are requested to avoid The Lonely Scarecrow at all costs. We do not know how it kills, or why. We do not know the scope of it's abilities. Do not interact with the scarecrow. Do not be its friend, lest you be stomped under its foot. Listen to the crows when they flee.

End Log: 12:06

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