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Clearest known photo of Null-06.

ENTITY ID: Null-06
HABITAT(S): Level 78


Null-06 has been identified to be a black hole of varying size, causing it to change black hole classifications consistently. Null-06, unlike typical black holes, can be seen by the unaided eye as well as being able to be photographed with an ordinary camera. It has been noted that Null-06's gravitational tidal effects1 constantly change at varying rates despite its mass at the time of change.


When in a dormant state, Null-06 will retain the size it had during its prior active state. In its dormancy, its gravitational tidal effects continuously fluctuate at indeterminate intervals. Due to recent findings, Null-06 has been recorded to undergo a form of magnetic reconnection2 dubbed magnetic re-consumption.

Magnetic re-consumption is a term created by wanderers studying Null-06, stating that the process is similar to magnetic reconnection. However, it consumes the previously ejected electromagnetic fields and forms its own electromagnetic field with them.

As of writing, Null-06's electromagnetic field has been measured to be approximately 1.95T, around three times the intensity of Earth's magnetic field. However, this field has been observed to intensify by .10nT at an interval of approximately three months at a time.

After its previously mentioned state of dormancy, Null-06 will relocate to another area within Level 78. It was originally thought that Null-06 floated to its new location at high speeds, however this was disproved when Null-06 was recorded exerting large amounts of energy, in relation to its typical energy exertion, ten minutes before its relocation. After these ten minutes, Null-06 seems to warp out of existence and then back into existence at its new location, similar to that of anti-matter particles.3

Due to this similarity, it has been hypothesized that Null-06 is able to extract anti-matter particles from areas within Level 78. Because of this, it has been theorized that Null-06 relocates to areas within Level 78 that contain an abundance of anti-matter particles to use as fuel, along with the large amounts of matter it consumes. After relocating to a new area, Null-06 will change its size, mass, and energy. However, the change in the energy emitted in each sighting is relative to its current mass.

When a wanderer enters Level 78 and Null-06's vicinity, it will emit several bright beams of visible light toward the wanderer. These beams are capable of no-clipping wanderers outside of Level 78's space station enclosure and dragging wanderers into Null-06 where it will use the victims as fuel. This behavior is most commonly exhibited when Null-06 is at a smaller mass.

Behavioral Discovery

Discovered: 02/03/22, 03:00

After Null-06's Hyper-Growth event and the discovery of the Blips, it has been observed that Null-06 tends to float toward nearby Blips and enter them, causing Null-06 to enter other levels. When Null-06 enters a level, all matter within the level would be consumed by Null-06, causing the level to be considered destroyed, despite their infinite properties. However, it is unknown as to how this happens.

Typically, Null-06 resides in another level for brief periods. These periods generally last approximately 5-10 minutes due to it needing the previously mentioned anti-matter particles. When leaving the level in question back to Level 78, Null-06 leave at least one or two Blips upon exit.

When warping to another level from Level 78, Null-06 tends to grow to the size of a Supermassive or Ultramassive black hole, allowing it to cause massive amounts of destruction inside the level in question. Due to this behavior, it has been noted that Null-06 is the cause of the destruction of several levels.

This classification change has been recorded to occur moments before every time it enters a Blip. Due to this, extensive observations and research show that Null-06 has some level of sapience, making its behaviors difficult to predict.

Note from Dr. Hawkins

A Current M.E.G. researcher tasked with studying Null-06

After its most recent relocation, which occurred approximately one month ago, Null-06 was noted to be around the coordinates of RA 17h 35m 26s | Dec -23° 37′ 30”. Its matter consumption and energy release have been measured to be more intense than its typical behavior. This suggests that Null-06 will exhibit a soon-to-be hyper-growth period.


The anatomy of Null-06 is that of a typical black hole. Containing an event horizon, an accretion disk, a photon sphere, a singularity, an innermost stable orbit, and a relativistic jet.6 Although, as previously mentioned, all these things change in size and mass at random intervals.

However, from recent observations, Null-06 contains a high amount of anti-matter particles. These particles are used to warp to different locations within Level 78. Since Null-06 depletes its anti-matter particle count significantly each time it warps, its average anti-particle count cannot be reliably calculated.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Stay a far distance.
  • Move away from it quickly.
  • Leave Level 78.
  • Leave any levels that appear to be quickly disintegrating.


  • Attempt to get closer.
  • Attempt to enter it.

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