Entity 51 - The Heralds of Rust
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Entity Number: 51

Habitat - Majority


A witness' sketch of the entities.


Entity 51 — or "The Heralds of Rust", as they call themselves — are a group of four humanoid entities which have been sighted in various levels of The Backrooms. They are clad in armor loosely resembling those of late Vikings, appearing to be heavily rusted with bits flaking off or chipping away. However, this does not appear to affect the overall integrity of the armor, as it never breaks in heavy combat. Each Herald stands at a height of around 5'8".

Each Herald of Rust wields their own unique weapon, which also shows signs of rusting and withering yet maintains integrity. They exhibit, as well, exceptional proficiency in the use of their respective weapon. These four Heralds are known by the names of:

Shkhan of the Benign Warhammer, Reverent First
Kotal of the Wild Halberd, Frenzied Second
Toki of the Indignant Sword, Disdainful Third
Hakol of the Brutal Polearm, Indifferent Fourth


The Heralds of Rust, keeping to themselves, rarely talk with wanderers — though some unique personality traits have emerged on the rare occasions in which they do. Shkhan is the most interpersonal of the four, acting more humble and kind, and may engage in conversation with wanderers unless the others intervene. Kotal is ill-tempered and sensitive, exhibiting erratic and unpredictable behavior in moments of stress. Toki acts more uncaring and apathetic towards most situations. Hakol is arrogant, with a tendency to gloat over felled foes.

The nature of interactions between the heralds and wanderers seems to vary between encounters. Some report being saved by them, while others report being attacked. The motives for either are unclear.

Beyond helping or harming wanderers, the Heralds of Rust appear to be devoted to a greater goal. This is evident by most of their actions up to the present, most notably their fixation on certain levels such as Level 11, Level 51 and Level 105. Sightings of the Heralds are most frequently reported in these locations, which seem to serve as "bases" for them between travels — though the reason behind their interest in them is yet to be determined.

Of particular note is the sheer level of aggression and violence that the Heralds of Rust are willing to commit. Although typically silent and stoic in their travels through The Backrooms, their demeanor will shift on a dime when engaging in combat. They become enraged and filled with bloodlust, utilizing brutal and animalistic tactics. The Heralds show no mercy, unyielding until the opponent is dead or fled.

They claim that their purpose is to "Spread the word of the Inheritor of Rust."


Underneath their armor, the Heralds of Rust possess shriveled, yellowish peach-colored skin. The scent of rotting flesh emanates from them, and their blood is a dark muddy brown. Testing of the blood suggests these effects to be the result of severe Anemia. Aside from this, the Heralds have enhanced strength and senses.


The Heralds of Rust first emerged 6 months ago, when wanderers reported seeing a group of four armored entities that they initially mistook to be Entity 101. Upon closer inspection, however, the wanderers realized that they were completely different beings. When questioned about a potential relation to The Squires, the Heralds became enraged and chased the wanderers away. Since then, they have been seen in numerous levels.

Dos and Don'ts:


  • When in any of the aforementioned levels used as a base by the Heralds of Rust, remain vigilant of their presence. A strong indication is the smell of rotting flesh in the air, which it is advised to vacate the premises.
  • If you encounter them, be respectful, kind, and humble in their presence. This will significantly decrease the likelihood of provoking them.


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