Entity 50 - "The Numbed Man"
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Entity Number: 50
Habitat: Majority

WARNING: Reading further will expose you to severe risk. Do not continue unless you wish to encounter this entity.

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    Survival Guide

    The numbed man knows as much about you as you know about it. If you know nothing about it, it will know nothing about you, and would thus never encounter you. But it's already too late for that.

    You know his name, and so he knows yours. The more you read this page, the more you will know about him, and the easier it will be for him to find you. He will learn what you are like, what your weaknesses are, where you are going, where you came from, and so on. At this point, he has a basic idea of what you are. He knows if you're a human. He's starting to get an idea of where you are. He is travelling toward your location, but does not know precisely where you are, and won't be able to find you.

    Stop reading unless you want to engage this entity. This is your final chance to turn back.

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      The numbed man is a being, vaguely human in form. He is weak and can be killed easily. For this reason, he has destroyed his own senses. He tore out his own eyes in order to blind himself. He mangled his nose so that he couldn't smell. He punctured his eardrums to become deaf. He burned off his skin so that he could no longer feel with touch. He has no way to sense anyone nearby, and thus they cannot sense him either. This keeps him safe.

      But the numbed man still needs to eat to survive. By reading this page, you have given him valuable information. You've given him a way to sense you. By now, he can hear you. He can't see you yet, so stay quiet and you will be safe for the meantime.

      The numbed man is not bound to any floor or by physical barriers, so there's no point trying to run away. You'd only be drawing attention to yourself; every footstep is sound he can hear. Your only choice now is to fight. Remember that he is weak. You can defeat him with the right attack. See the Dos and Don'ts section to learn how you can defend yourself once he arrives.

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