Entity 48 - "Aiden"
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Entity Number: 48

Habitat - Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, Level 4, and possibly more.


This Entity resembles a Caucasian male security guard wearing a mall security uniform and has a security camera in place of his head. It appears to be passive and will even give directions if asked. If you ask about his name, he replies with 'Aiden'. He is very intelligent, knowing many Levels, and his surroundings. he is very protective and knows when Entities are nearby, and the safest ways around them. He will try to protect a Wanderer at any cost. You will find him in most of the lower Levels, and in The Surveillance Room.


There are multiple Aidens around these Levels at once. And this Entity is very Intelligent and seems to have one consciousness throughout all of the Aidens, as he is able to remember events that occurred and people that met him. The Entity seems to be able to speak, without having a mouth and can communicate in many different ways. His goal is to protect people he sees that are in danger. He accomplishes this by helping Wanderers from Entities and Traps. He is known to save Wanderers from danger while they are sleeping, via moving them to safe Levels and areas like Level 0, The Metro and The Hub. You are able to ask many questions that he will gladly answer, although he knows very little about The Backrooms. If you ask him where he worked, he says that he works at a mall which is now abandoned, which could be referencing Level 33. His tool belt is equipped with tasers, flashlights which seem to never run out of power, a baton, Almond Water and many more items.


The Entity has a certain mall security uniform. The Uniform has black pants, shoes, and belt, white shirt, and vest, with cyan blue patches on his shoulders. His head is similar to a tall pole security cameras but modified to fit as a head. His badge seems to be damaged, and cannot be identified.


This Entity was first found when a Wanderer was lost in Level 1. The Wanderer shouted help, and accidentally caught the attention of Aiden. which the Entity proceeded to lead the Wanderer into a safe outpost of people on Level 1.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • If you're in danger, it's always safe to get the attention of an Aiden.
  • Ask if he has an item that can help certain situations.
  • Ask if he can bring you to the The Surveillance Room, if you have the key card.


  • Don't attack an Aiden, he will use a taser on you or knock you unconscious. He will, however, place you in a safe spot, and not kill you.

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