Entity 47 - "Stranglers"
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Entity Number: 47

Habitat(s): - Level 58.1
Stranglers reside in Level 58.1, a dimly lit and very dangerous level accessed through Level 58's one working water slide. It is impossible to leave, and entering it is crucially important, albeit survival inside of this level is very possible.


An illustrative sketch of a Strangler


Stranglers seem to only hunt during "Blackouts", where all of Level 58.1's lights turn off. They stealthily walk through the dark room, feeling for any living thing. They then find and strangle whatever they find, their kind or not. Many bodies of these creatures are left across the level's floor when the lights turn off. They appear to practice cannibalism, as several of these entities have been spotted eating corpses of other Stranglers when the lights turn on. When the lights turn on, all Stranglers race to their "dens", dark holes they contort into and hide in until the next Blackout.

A well known weakness of Stranglers is loud noise, so it is recommended during a Blackout, to make as much noise as possible.


Stranglers are bipedal furry beasts with very large beaks, used to eat flesh and crush bone inside of their mouth as to make as little noise as possible. Their hands consist of two snakelike appendages which can coil around another's neck, hence the name "Strangler". Their feet are comparable to hooves, with the starkest difference being that they are very soft and spongy, as to absorb impact and create as little noise as possible. They also tend to have a very large hunch, theorized to be a defense mechanism against other Stranglers, as they have been see completely straight, reaching a height of at least eight feet. This extra height would make it difficult for other Stranglers to attack.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Take advantage of dead Stranglers
    • Stranglers are edible raw, they provide a good food source, and have also been compared to chicken in flavor
    • Strangler fur can be very useful in combating the harsh cold in Level 58.5
  • Be as quiet as possible


  • Go into their dens
  • Make lots of noises
  • Fight them
  • Let them take your Almond Water

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