Entity 43 - "Dracoliths"
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A photograph of a Dracolith from an unknown level I received from M.E.G Researcher Hemmingway.


As you traverse the altered reality of the Backrooms, it is rare but not unheard of to spot a draconic sculpture every now and then. These sculptures, which I have dubbed "Dracoliths", are feared by those who know them for their horrific nature. One dares not look into their soulless gaze, lest they meet a fiery end.


No matter which level you find yourself in, it is possible for a Dracolith to manifest close by. Either hidden around a corner, suddenly appearing as a fixture in the environment, or partially obstructing your path. Once it appears, other hostile entities appear to retreat from the area. I have yet to determine if this is a result of the Dracoliths' properties or just a natural response. Dracoliths are very rare, vanishing after five to ten minutes, and will not move when observed. But, should you view it for longer than a minute, your troubles have only just begun.

Shortly after, the Dracolith will begin to appear ahead of you, staring back. This happens even when you look elsewhere, no matter how fast. Soon after, another Dracolith will appear alongside the first and follow you as well. As the "pursuit" goes on, more and more will appear in the area, surrounding you from all sides. I speculate that the Dracoliths may have some way to communicate with one another from different levels. The nature of this communication" is still poorly understood. While they never attack you in any way, they will never relent in their chase. This lasts until either direct eye contact with at least one of the Dracoliths is made, or you escape to another level.

Should you ever lose consciousness during the chase, the Dracoliths' behavior changes. The closest entity encircles you, using its wings, talons, and tail to prevent escape. Aside from abrasions and bruising, this restraint will not cause serious harm. The only way to free yourself from its clutches is to close your eyes and avoid meeting its gaze no matter what.

After an hour, the Dracolith, alongside any others accompanying it, vanish completely. The Dracoliths will not plague you any further within the level and after. This also marks a significant drop in hostile entity attacks for the next several weeks. The reason for this effect is unknown.

If you were to gaze into a Dracolith's eyes for longer than five to ten seconds, they emit a red glow. Soon, a horrid chattering sound will fill the room as smoke billows from the observed Dracolith's maw. Then in the blink of an eye, it along with the others, will vanish without a trace.

For the first hour afterward, you may seem fine, in truth you've been plagued by an evil far worse than any mauling. Over the course of 4 hours from the encounter, you will experience a terrible sickness that eventually culminates in a gruesome death. I have decided to refer to this horrific curse as "Dragon's Fever":

Stages Symptoms of Dragon's Fever Time Passed
Stage 1 The victims feel light-heated, experiencing dizziness, and dehydration. 20-30 minutes
Stage 2 The victim develops fever-like symptoms, profuse sweating, and extreme paranoia. 1 hour
Stage 3 The victim's body temperature will rise to dangerously high levels, panting, and dehydration. Symptoms are incurable at this stage. 2 hours
Stage 4 The victim's chest starts to glow as smoke billows from the mouth, spasmodic seizures. However, the victim remains alive and conscious for its entirety. 3 hours
Stage 5 Victim begins expelling fire from their mouths as they burn alive from the inside out. Expiration follows after. 4 hours

I haven't been to piece together how the Dracolith acquired this ability. Follow standard backrooms exploration procedure by carrying almond water on your person.


Dracoliths are animate sculptures of Western-style dragons made of granite, limestone, or polished marble standing roughly four to six feet tall. Dracoliths are immune to the effects of weathering or any form of external trauma. They do not appear to need to consume any kind of matter, making their predatory behavior perplexing.

Dracoliths usually assume an aggressive or otherwise predatory stance, though "resting" and "idle" have been reported as well. I only encountered this fascinating entity in person once. Unfortunately, the people accompanying me would not allow me to study it further. Most information stems from witness accounts and passive observation of Dracolith manifestations.


The context of the discovery of Dracoliths is spotty as sightings are very rare, and those who encounter these rarely survive. However, I did hear of old texts which seem linked to these entities. To my dismay, I haven't been able to see them myself, but I hope to document them someday.

  1. Always make sure to have almond water on your person when available.
  2. Try to ignore it when possible.
  1. Look it in the eyes.
  2. Attempt risky routes which could cause you to fall unconscious

-Recorded by Research Specialist Margaret C. Conners

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