Entity 41 - "The Artist"
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Entity Number: 41

Habitat(s): Level 57's Studio

This Studio, while large, is not infinite. There is an exit to Level 21 that she will show you to. The layout of the room changes often; however, the items in it remain constant.


The Artist is a teenage girl who is of average height with brown hair and eyes that have an indeterminable color -they seems to vary from blue to hazel to green. She wears purple glasses and pajamas. When asked about this, she replies with "Why would I wear real clothes all of the time when I don't have to?" When asked about her name, she states that she doesn't know and that it doesn't matter. She acts very eccentric and happy at times, and especially appreciates visitors to her "exhibit." She doesn't ever leave her studio unless she's hanging a picture up, and she only paints what she "feels like." She has no knowledge of The Backrooms and appears to forget about them when told.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Approach and talk in a mature manner
  • Compliment her artwork, she'll quickly take a liking to you
  • Ask for a way out, she'll gladly help


  • Take pictures of her or her art without permission
  • Don't talk down to her
  • Tell her about the Backrooms
  • Tell her she is like other girls

By abiding by these dos and don'ts, you guarantee asylum, a safe way out, and supplies she's more than willing to give, such as Almond Water and food, all of which she claims that she gets from "Some random room with a bunch of snacks." Whether or not she is referring to Level 6.5 is unknown. By failing to follow this advice, one is instantly teleported out of the Studio and the door becomes locked, effectively blocking off the only predictable and safe method of exit.

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