Entity 380 - Administrative Sentinel Constructs
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Entity Number: 380

Habitat(s): Levels associated with Level 600

Not to be confused with Nostalgi Gaius, entities within the Administrative Sentinel Construct family are almost always found pre-existing in levels or fragments associated with the now-defunct Level 600. Levels such as 214 and 678 have their own respective A.S.C. holding them together.


Physically, Administrative Sentinel Constructs, often abbreviated as A.S.C.s, take the general form of a statue made of stone1. Their set form can be dressed in any garb, though this varies heavily between which A.S.C. one is speaking to. Additionally, Constructs take on the appearance of any humanoid figure, though never anything which doesn’t possess human physiology.

In addition to the form they take, A.S.C.s are often found in a variety of poses and outfits. Most dress in fairly simple, old-fashioned robes from the middle ages, while others wear much more recent styles of clothing. This includes A.S.C. “Natalie” who wears some form of a child’s outfit from the early 1900s.


An image of "Natalie" taken by Dr. R.

Administrative Sentinel Constructs are entities possessing a wealth of knowledge, and in some instances, otherworldly powers with fairly simple or basic effects. These powers range from altering properties of the section of a level they reside within or possessing some form of heightened knowledge. An example of something like this would be “Our Lady of Confession” and her ability to answer just about any question that is asked of her.

In instances where an A.S.C. is physically damaged, such as the case for Constructs “Natalie” and “Gerard”, the fragment which they manage will begin to show signs of instability. In the only known case where a Construct is not entirely broken, the fragment which they manage lacks all forms of sound, and will occasionally disappear entirely from existence for random periods of time. When a wanderer is within a glitching or fading fragment, they will likely fall directly into one of Level 600’s other existing fragments. These include Level 214, level 910, and Level 812.

The constructs were known to be a casual facet of life within Level 600 before The Leaders War inevitably caused the level’s destruction. In day-to-day life, Constructs would have acted as general guides and assistants in terms of giving directions, advice, or whatever assistant role they chose based on the location they were placed in. It has never been documented how the Constructs appeared in Level 600 in the first place, but it is known that Constructs predate the Leaders’ existence on Level 600, and possibly aided in the founding of their bases on the level.

It is theorized that an A.S.C. is meant to uphold the stability and maintain their own respective “chunk” of whatever area they have been placed within. This would further explain why single instances of Entity 380 can be found maintaining fragments of Level 600 to this very day.2 The stability of this ranges from poor3 to sustainable. This seems to result from the state in which an A.S.C. is in.


Members of Entity 380 are usually very social, as is the case with “Our Lady of Confession” found on Level 214. Given their past roles as assistants and stationary guides, A.S.C.s would have existed for the sole purpose of communicating with others and giving directions. For the most part, it seems that Constructs hold no ill will toward wanderers, and won’t usually speak rudely to them. However, some are known to act condescending toward those who they see as beneath them.


"Our Lady of Confession" in Level 214.

Since these entities take the form of statues, A.S.C.s do not possess the ability to move or transport themselves anywhere. Additionally, A.S.C.s cannot repair themselves if damaged, and thus, will require assistance in rebuilding if they are damaged in any way. Otherwise, instabilities within the fragment or area they control will be more prevalent. Currently, only one singular member of Entity 380 known as “Chamomile” has been successfully repaired by wanderers using heavy amounts of cement and other adhesives.

Administrative Sentinel Constructs frequently like to provide directions to places or give general miscellaneous advice to wanderers. This often happens regardless of if it is asked or not. Nonetheless, this seems to be a compulsory, almost involuntary, and subconscious action of the A.S.C.s involving their role as helpers.


As previously referenced, instances of Entity 380 often take on the appearance of human statues. Recorded attempts of people destroying an A.S.C. have shown it to be very difficult and often detrimental to those who attempt it. Not only would removing an A.S.C. from its place cause instability in the portion of the level it was once in, but the entity itself will produce a sort of ear-piercing Shepard's tone. This appears to be the only defense mechanism that A.S.C.s possess.


Multiple long-dead A.S.C.s on-display in the I.M.B.H.

Other than the stone form which they take, no other notable features of an A.S.C.’s physical biology can be noted. In terms of how a member of Entity 380 functions though, it is assumed they were a self-produced, integral portion of Level 600. Because of this, an A.S.C. can have near full control of wherever it is placed. Although, they rarely do anything besides clean and make sure the general area is stable and spotless.


Many various Administrative Sentinel Constructs once resided within Level 600, though few people who are alive from that time are able to recall most of their names. This would put the general discovery of A.S.C.s to be around the year 1987. Old documents from The Leaders, the group who settled Level 600, properly show their bewilderment and curiosity at such figures. Since Level 600’s destruction however, A.S.C.s have made themselves present in sections of levels that sometimes resemble their old home level.

Further discovery of other instances of Entity 380 such as “Our Lady of Confession” can be found in the respective pages of levels on which they preside. As for others such as “Gerard”, they have been damaged to the point where communication and function are nearly impossible, rendering them inert and "dead".

As of the First of March, Twenty Twenty-Three (1/3/2023) only six Administrative Sentinel Constructs are known to exist on record. These include;

“Our Lady of Confession”, formerly known as A.S.C. “Mary” - Found within Level 214 as of September 2020.

A.S.C. “Natalie” formerly known as “Our Daughter of Decay” - Found within Level 678 as recently as October 2022.

A.S.C. “Gerard” - Found within Level “End of the F#c*ing World” as of July 2021 (Please note that A.S.C. Gerard–as of now–is “deceased”).

A.S.C. “Chamomile” - Discovered as early as March 2020 on Level 5 (now transported to the I.M.B.H. for research purposes).

A.S.C. “Antov” - Currently residing within Domum Terra on Level 121, recorded as early as December 2021.

A.S.C. “Claudia” formerly known as “Lady of the Lake” - Discovered in January of 2023, only reachable by chance on Level 370.

Do's and Don'ts:

If an A.S.C. is discovered, it is recommended firstly to record the level, time, and area in which the entity is found. As for general do’s and don’ts, there are the following;


  • Request information and history from the A.S.C.
  • Take note of the A.S.C.’s name and appearance.
  • Listen and follow directions given to A.S.C.s when in danger, as they often lead to safety.


  • Anger an A.S.C., as some possess the ability to warp rooms in ways that make them slightly hazardous, yet not deadly for wanderers.
  • Move the A.S.C. unless you are a professional, and have the permission and consent of the A.S.C.
  • Damage A.S.C.s (see bullet point one).

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