Entity 36 - "Cannibal Cuisines"
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Content Warning:

This article contains mentions of cannibalism. Those unsettled by this topic may want to skip out on reading this page.

HABITAT(S): Multiple


Instances of Entity 36 are more commonly found in Levels with little to no food sources, such as Levels 2 and 13, though they can still manifest in other levels.


A Cannibal Cuisine in Level 2.


Entity 36, more colloquially known as "Cannibal Cuisine", refers to an anomalous type of vending machine found within the Backrooms.

Cannibal Cuisines are about 6 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and 2.5 feet deep. Oftentimes, they adopt the look of various different Frontrooms brands. On the back of Entity 36, a tag can be found reading the following:

Cannibal Cuisine Productions
Iris Family
"From humans, by humans, for humans."
2019, Arizona

As of now, no information is currently available about the Iris family or their goals, origins, and whether they actually exist within the Backrooms or not.

Cannibal Cuisines have shown to be extremely durable, capable of withstanding attacks from most weapons with the exception of Bottled Lightning, which has appeared to moderately damage instances of Entity 36.1 The cause behind the entity's resistance to most methods of assault, and weakness towards electricity, is unknown and currently being researched.


At first glance, Entity 36 appears to be functionally identical to a modern vending machine with a few key differences.

Firstly, Cannibal Cuisines don't require any amount of payment to operate it. Each “product” within the entity is tied to a pair of one letter and number. There are two keypads on the machine, one containing a set of numbers, and the other, letters—once one of each is selected, a product with the corresponding pair will be released. To continue, instead of using rotating metal coils to release products, the machine uses a severed, skeletal human hand, which pushes products to the front until one falls and is ready to be obtained by the user.

Product Materials and Food Options:

All products from Entity 36 are made of a variety of human parts, including but not limited to:

  • Flesh
  • Circulatory organs
  • Respiratory organs
  • Blood
  • Bone marrow
  • Skin

The various products that Cannibal Cuisines can contain are generated seemingly at random. Some items may generate with plenty in stock, while others will only have one to two instances. The latter usually refers to products using organs vital to human survival such as the heart and lungs. Records of encounters with the entity have noted the following items, including but not limited to:

  • A 4-inch-wide block of flesh wrapped sloppily with a candy bar wrapper.
  • A chip bag containing 10-15 chips made out of human bone marrow.
  • A featureless bottle containing ½ liters of blood.
  • Another featureless bottle containing blood, with the blood's properties being similar to soda.
  • An entire heart.
  • An esophagus slathered with blood.
  • A plastic bag with around 20 teeth within it.
  • A small box containing 2 ears.
  • A piece of flesh shaped to resemble a chicken leg.
  • Strips of skin doused in sugar.

Every 12 hours, the products within a Cannibal Cuisine will all be instantaneously replenished, appearing out of thin air. Products that have not been taken will simply remain inside.

Product Effects:

All items produced by Entity 36 contain an extremely high amount of dopamine that, when consuming any amount, can cause an inexplicable addiction for them. Addicted individuals devote themselves to obtaining as much food as they can from the Cannibal Cuisine and are willing to risk their lives to do so. Wanderers affected by this addiction will often attempt to stay near the area wherein which they initially found the Cannibal Cuisine, to the point of refusing access to other levels—even if the level in question was safer. Multiple wanderers that are victim to the same instance of Entity 36 may also attempt to harm one another to ensure more food for themselves.

Normal side-effects of high amounts of dopamine include euphoria, binge eating, addiction, poor impulse control, and heightened aggressiveness. Besides generally inciting an extreme feeling of joy, products from Cannibal Cuisines also cause a few other effects, such as:

  • The complete and permanent removal of any prior memories pertaining to Cannibal Cuisines. Any further information on the entity is wiped from the victim's memories after an average of 4 hours.
  • The inability to eat other sources of food and water, including Almond Water. Attempting to eat non-Entity 36 food items will result in the food remaining in the stomach and will not leave it via digesting unless removed by other means.
  • High blood pressure, heart disease, and a few other general symptoms caused by a large amount of sodium found inside the products.
  • Increased hunger and thirst, regardless of the amount of food the victim has consumed.
  • An excess amount of metabolism, which leads to more issues such as increased weight loss, elevated heart rates, anemia, and fatigue.
  • Slight increase in pain tolerance.

Afflicted individuals have claimed to hear voices emanating from Cannibal Cuisines, which become more prevalent during the machine’s replenishment and the consumption of a product. These voices are often described as either “blood-curdling screams,” “cries of agony,” and/or “soft yet discomforting sobs”. Most victims recall that these voices manifest in the form of a loved one from their past before entering the Backrooms.

Many victims of Cannibal Cuisines have attempted to quit the use of their products, but this is extremely difficult due to aforementioned effects. All recorded attempts to quit the products have failed due to starvation or lack of will to continue.


Entity 36 sightings go as far back as March of 2020. However, the first time the M.E.G officially documented them was in August, when a group of Entity 36 victims was observed and reported by a wanderer traveling through Level 13. Upon verification of the victims' identities and their testimonies, the source of their dilemma was found to be a nearby vending machine, where one observer made the mistake of eating a product from a Cannibal Cuisine and subsequently becoming afflicted with its effects. It was then that the entity was documented and classified.

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Do's and Don'ts:


  • Avoid Entity 36.
  • Notify M.E.G operatives upon finding a Cannibal Cuisine.
  • Check the back of any vending machines you find to ensure they are normal vending machines.


  • Purchase or consume any item from Entity 36.
  • Interact with or attack wanderers afflicted by Entity 36.

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