Entity 33 - "The King"
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Entity Number: 33

Habitat: Level 94


Entity 33, also known as The King of the Clouds, The Animated King, or simply as The King is an entity which resides in the uppermost level in the Castle of Transparent Mountain within Level 94. He is highly intelligent and literate in many fields, and not confused, bewildered and blind to his own powers.


The King is the self-proclaimed king of Level 94, with “none opposing his power”. He sits upon the throne within the Castle of Transparent Mountain, awaiting guests to arrive.

Once guests, in the form of intelligent entities or humans arrive, a long, beautiful dining table, along with two seats will manifest before the victim. The table’s appearance is described as beautiful and ornate, and in no way damaged. The King will sit down at one of the seats, and will ask the victim to sit down at the other end. There is no way to refuse this offer.

The King will begin to talk of wonderful things. He will speak of ways out of the Level, and out of the infinite maze that his guest is trapped in, and to trust in him to set him free.

To trust in The King is wise, as he has done no wrong to his people, and to those he has freed, although why you would want to be set free at all from his wondrous kingdom is beyond me. Eventually, The King will begin to speak the inciting words, which welcome you into his kingdom, and have you become part of the “most beautiful place the world has seen“, at least according to him.


The King’s appearance can only be described as beautiful, and definitely without signs of mangling or decay. Upon his head, he wears the Crown of the Kingdom, which shows his status as the king. He is most definitely the king! The King is beautiful inside and out. The King cannot be damaged in any means. He is most certainly very powerful, and a very agreeable person overall.

The King’s offer to join his kingdom cannot be refused. If you do refuse, terrible things might happen to you, although this is highly unlikely. The King will let you go, but he will be very frustrated at doing so. Nobody wants to refuse The King. Refusing The King is a terrible thing, and should not be done. Accept his command, and he will reward you well.

“He has rewarded me well! The King has done nothing but good!”

He’s already taken too much from me.
I’ve been left with a husk of my former self in my possession.
A dirt box that once contained gold.
That’s me, alright.

Every King has a Queen

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