Entity 32 - "Animations"
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Entity Number: 32

Habitat: Level 94


Animations are one of two Entities that inhabit Level 94. They are hostile creatures that have the appearance of stop-motion characters, similar to those made in the 30s to 50s. They appear at night and will search for wanderers in Level 94.


When night time comes in Level 94, the Animations will come out and begin to search for wanderers, or anything that does not appear animated. When they see someone that is not animated, they will attempt to kill them in whatever way is easiest for their body type. Claymation characters will "drown" them in clay, while more plastic or wooden characters will use blunt force. These Entities do not exhibit high intelligence, so your best chances of survival come from hiding from them. The exception to this is the Robo-Men inside the Castle of Transparent Mountain, who are highly aware of their surroundings. All Animations show an extreme level of physical strength.


The physical appearance of the Animations varies greatly. Some will appear as puppets, while others will take the form of a claymation character. They come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and caricatures. However, their most defining trait is the way they move, which looks like a stop-motion animation, described as "choppy".


See the M.E.G. discovery log regarding Level 94.

Audio Recording 05/02/2020

The following is an audio recording picked up by a wanderer that was trapped in Level 94, which depicts several Animations talking. Recorded from the wanderer's radio.

Begin Log: 19:48

Animation: Gracious be the King! The all-powerful one watches over us all! No one shall refuse the King's gifts. The King knows all things. Our nightmares shall be vanquished under his gracefulness. All glory to the King!

Wanderer: (Heavy breathing)

Animation: The Animated King. He is all-powerful. He is everything. He is creation. He is… (Audio trails off, assumed the Animation walked away)

End Log: 20:01

Summary: Audio took place around the time Team "Compass Point" was attacked at night time. See the M.E.G. discovery log for more details.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Leave Level 94 before it becomes nighttime
  • Hide from the Animations


  • Attempt to attack the Animations
  • Listen to the words the Animations say

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