Entity 27 - "Athenian Ducks"
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Entity 27, as seen in Level 302.

Entity Number: 27

Habitat(s): Level 302


Commonly found in Level 302, Entity 27 looks almost exactly like normal Frontrooms Pekin Ducks, including white feathers and wide yellow bills. Their fluffy white feathers are soft to the touch, and they're super friendly. They even starting coming up to me on their own once they realized I would give them food.

One curious thing I noticed is that I didn't see any babies, and furthermore, the whole time I was there, I didn't see a single one of them lay an egg. I can definitely understand why all these animals are considered endangered species, I mean I don't even know how these ducks keep their numbers up. I think I read somewhere about animals not breeding when they aren't in their native environment. Maybe these ducks just no-clipped in here from the Frontrooms, and are confused. Or maybe there's something I'm missing.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Feed them! Maybe some bread! (ducks like bread, right?)
  • Pet them! There super soft!


  • Scare them away. There a little skittish.


It's t-h-e-y-'-r-e, not t-h-e-r-e.


In your article. You used the wrong 'there'


James, these are just ducks.

Yeah, and?

We don't need to have an article about ducks in the database.

C'mon man. They're super cute though.

James, I sent you to Level 302 because there were so many unique entities there that hadn't been fully catalogued, and you chose the ducks?

I told you already, I thought they were cute. I mean I can just picture the cute little baby ducks right now.

I thought you said you didn't see any babies.

Yeah, but wouldn't they be cute if there were some?

James, there are phoenixes in that level. There are spheres that can make matter out of thin air.

So can I upload it or not?

Fine, but work on your tone a little bit. You should at least sound a little professional.

Thank you so much!

Interviewer: Solomon Myers
Interviewee: James Carveth
Notes: Carveth was brought in for an evaluation after he reported splitting migraines a few weeks after a trip to Level 302. The aim of this interview is to determine if Carveth is experiencing the effects of one of the entities found in that level.

<Begin Log>

[Two men can be seen on the camera. One wearing a very formal business suit. The other in much more casual ware. Behind them, the skyline of Level 11 can be seen through the window of the office building]

Myers: Hello Mr. Carveth. You said you've been getting frequent migraines after your trip to Level 302.

Carveth: Yes sir, and they're getting worse.

Myers: I'm sorry to hear that. Have you been experiencing any other symptoms?

Carveth: Not that I can think of off hand, sir.

Myers: Nothing?

Carveth: Well… There is one thing. I don't know if I would really consider it a symptom, but…

Myers: Go on.

Carveth: This is going to sound really weird, but I just can't stop thinking about ducks.

Myers: Huh?

Carveth: Yeah, I keep imagining what they would look like as they grew up. Well, specifically one duck. He's been living in my mind for so long that I almost think of him as my own child.

Myers: That's uh—

Carveth: You know, it's kind of funny. I've been picturing Tippi in my head since he was just a baby. I like to think he got out of his teenage emo phase just a few days ago. He's almost an adult now. [A single tear trickles down his cheek.] They grow up so fast.

[A cracking sound can be heard, and what appears to be a small chunk of bloody bone falls on the table in front of James Carveth.]

Myers: What was that?

[Carveth can be seen wiping away the blood that has started to drip down his face.]]

Carveth: N— Nothing

Myers (yelling): Hello? Can we get a doctor in here? It's an emergency.

[More cracking can be heard. Louder this time.]

Carveth: My son's all grown up.

[Carveth collapses onto the table, and his head explodes. A full grown duck covered in blood and bits of brain bursts from within.]

[The duck starts flying around the room, looking for a way out and quacking loudly.]

[A commotion can be heard as M.E.G. members rush in, trying to catch the duck.]

<End Log>

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