Entity 26 - "Samantha"
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Samantha as of October 2020

Entity Number: 26

Habitat: May appear on any level, but has mainly been seen on Level 3, Level 5, and Level 0.


Entity 26, who refers to herself as “Samantha,” is a feline mammal that appears to be a typical domestic house cat, though travelers who have come into contact with her have reported to believe otherwise. The entity is primarily passive, but can quickly turn violent and unpredictable if provoked.

She coaxes travelers into feeding her meat or any meat-based products they may have with them in exchange for a "psychic reading" from her using her abilities. The nature of Samantha's psychic readings varies depending on the quality of the meat you provide her with, ranging from extremely detailed and satisfying to exasperatingly negative and vague. Samantha mostly enjoys products like steak, premium fish, and chicken, but seems to have a distaste for low quality meat like spam and sardines.

If not fed anything, even if the traveler is not able to, she will grow extremely violent. Survivors report her attacking like any cat would; scratching, biting, and clawing, although there have been no recorded fatalities involving Samantha.


As well as being capable of speech in at least 3 human languages, Samantha possesses several psychic abilities, including clairvoyance, mind-reading, and teleportation. The full extent of her abilities is currently unknown, and is being researched by M.E.G. Division workers. Samantha is eloquently spoken and shows to have exceptional fluency in her speech when communicating verbally. The M.E.G. is currently debating the idea of using Samantha as a method of managing other entities.


Samantha resembles a domestic house cat with black and white fur and green eyes. Considering the usual size of adult female cats, Samantha is relatively small, leading some to believe she may actually be a kitten or a runt. Samantha has a strong jaw and abnormally serrated teeth, enabling her to tear through skin and meat with ease. Because of this, her bites may result in severe physical trauma.


The first recorded encounter with Samantha was reported to the M.E.G. by an anonymous traveler in July of 2020. Said traveler seemed to have known Samantha before their meeting on Level 3, though they refused to elaborate on their history with her.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Feed Samantha any meat products you may have with you to avoid unexpected complications that could result in severe injuries due to the strength and nature of the entity.
  • Speak calmly and politely to Samantha.


  • Try to provoke or anger Samantha on purpose.
  • Insult, tease, or taunt Samantha, or speak impolitely to her.

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