The Sun Over The Void
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HABITAT(S): 'Megaflora'

Security Clearance:

Security Protocol:
The information within this document shall be withheld from any and all M.E.G. documentation, correspondence, and personnel with Security Clearance RESTRICTED or lower. The Sun over the Void shall be referred to exclusively by the designation 'Entity Σ', in all unavoidable documentation/correspondence without such clearance.

Security Justification:
This document is a compilation of all findings from M.E.G. Project Σ-257. The Project was established to conduct research into the Sun Over the Void, until its recent termination by Emergency Directive Σ-257-9.

This document remains confidential to avoid unnecessary public interest in Entity Σ and prevent mass hysteria. The entity possesses cataclysmic destructive capabilities, as well as a poorly understood liminospatial link to Level 11 and the Perdition Exclusion Zone. Should wanderers encounter the Entity, knowledge of its true nature greatly increases the risk of provocation. This file will not be released to public view unless the Entity becomes an immediate threat to the wider populace.

1. Description:


Photograph of the entity taken by drone 'Vega-7' from Megaflora’s roots.

The entity known as the Sun over the Void takes the form of a sentient white star, around which the eponymous tree of Level Megaflora orbits at approximately two billion miles.

In addition to visible light, the Sun emits a constant barrage of lethal electromagnetic waves termed 'Sigma radiation'. It is this which gives sunlight on Megaflora its characteristically deadly quality. Direct exposure to Sigma radiation is known to flash burn and/or melt flesh, machinery, and any other form of matter not native to the level itself.

The Sun harbors a mind with intellect bordering on omniscience, and a blistering malevolence beyond human understanding. Communication with this entity is to be avoided at all costs.

2. Astronomy:

2. Astronomy:1

While astronomical data of the Sun may interest research personnel, they are not the focus of this report. They may be summarized as such:

Stellar specifications

Star type: Dwarf (main sequence)

Spectral type (M-K class): A8V…

Radius: 1.11x106 km (6.9x105 miles)

B-V color index: 0.20 (white)

Satellite orbital data (Megaflorean tree)

Orbit type: Tidally locked

Orbit distance: 3.2x109 km (2.0x109 miles)

Apparent size: 0.12Sol2

Unlike Megaflora’s tree, the gravitational field of the Sun does not display extranormal properties. Gravitational readings from drones sent into the Void accord naturally with modern Physics, being consistent with the expected readings for a star of such size and distance. This is useful for precise calculations needed in drone expeditions across the Void.

The entity's chemical/biological composition is unknown — though it is thought to consist primarily of a dense plasma of gaseous Hydrogen and Helium, as with any ordinary star. Complete spectroscopic analysis remains a challenge due to the aggressively destructive nature of the Sun's radiation.

Notably, no other stars have been observed within the Void space of Level Megaflora.

2.1 Sigma Radiation


An experimental exploration suit, after exposure to Sigma radiation. The material instantly caught fire and disintegrated.

Research has indicated that the Sun produces massive quantities of radiation at extraordinarily high frequencies. M.E.G. researchers have given this range of frequencies the term "Sigma radiation" (from which the entity's present designation is derived).

More precisely, as a form of ultra-high-energy Gamma ray radiation, Sigma radiation consists of frequencies ranging between approximately 7.9x1026 Hz to 2.0x1032 Hz (i.e. photon energies 3200MeV to 830PeV). This far exceeds the frequency range of the highest-energy cosmic emissions ever detected in the Frontrooms. Furthermore, while such emissions have only been detected from Earth in incredibly faint traces, more than 65% of the Sun's emissions appear to consist of Sigma radiation. The means by which a single star sustains such a staggering energy output is entirely unknown.


Graph illustrating spectral irradiance (quantity of light emitted) over frequency. Not to scale.

Photons of Sigma radiation possess sufficient energy to penetrate, irradiate, and ionize even the densest chemical elements. Accordingly, almost all known matter instantly begins to disintegrate under direct sunlight in Level Megaflora. This makes Sigma radiation nearly impossible to analyze with scientific instruments made of regular matter. The light is likewise biologically lethal — even momentary exposure is enough to insantly kill an adult human being. All M.E.G. experiments to fabricate protective suits failed spectacularly, with every prototype material instantly conflagrating upon exposure.

Despite this, all naturally occurring matter found on Megaflora's tree itself appears impervious to the effects of Sigma radiation. While the cause of this remarkable property remains unclear, researchers have hypothesized that — by some unidentified extranormal process — endemic matter absorbs all Sigma radiation received, either storing the energy or discharging it as infra-red radiation to produce heat. The tree of Megaflora consequently acts as a 'radiation shield' of some kind, allowing Wanderers to travel under its shade with relative safety. This would also account for Megaflora's ability to maintain a habitable surface temperature, despite its small atmosphere and great distance from the Sun.

Megaflora’s organic material cannot withstand the wear-and-tear of regular movement (especially in a densely forested environment), and are thus unsuitable for hermetically-sealed exploration suits. However, M.E.G. researchers have successfully used it to craft radiation-proof coatings for research equipment. This has enabled satellite drones and surveillance cameras to be permanently deployed within Level Megaflora, allowing the entity to be monitored and studied remotely.

On 10/25/2018, a drone was deployed within Megaflora for the first time. The enclosed Experiment Log is a fitting demonstration of the power of Sigma radiation.

2.2 Bubble Portals


A photograph of a bubble, taken from a drone on Megaflora. The Level to which it leads is not known. Note the emanated light beam, as well as the absence of stars in the void.

Drone and camera footage of the Void has revealed multiple translucent, spherical 'bubbles' orbiting the Sun at extremely high velocities. It is not known whether these bubbles are components of the entity itself, or exist as separate objects entirely.

Surveillance footage over several years indicates that the bubbles seem to be in stable and unchanging orbits, and remain constant in size. The bubbles also appear 'tethered' to the Sun by focused beams of light. Gravitational data demonstrates that the bubbles have no measurable gravitational effect at all, suggesting that they are functionally massless.


Illustration of bubble with 'light beam'. Light beam remains tethered to the bubble even when line-of-sight with the Sun is broken.

Footage of bubbles has been captured from above the canopy of the main tree body (i.e. 'underneath' the inverted tree, out of the Sun's light). Interestingly, within such footage, the light beam of any bubble observed continues to remain visible at all times, despite the crown of the tree breaking line-of-sight between the bubble and the Sun. The beam is even observed making contact with the canopy line. Such findings suggest that the light beams proceed from the bubbles towards the entity, and not, as initially believed, the other way around.

All documented bubbles have been recorded in the following table.

S/N Estimated radius (km•miles) Level depicted
1 69,900•43,400 790
2 31,200•19,400 'The Gift Plane'
3 54,900•34,100 Undocumented
4 62,400•38,800 150
5 42,800•26,600 998
6 56,200•34,900 11
7 71,100•44,200 'If man is still alive'
8 Undetermined3 9
9 Undetermined (Insufficient data) Undocumented

Footage also revealed images of other levels extranormally depicted across the bubbles' translucent surfaces. Comparison of months of footage suggested that the image reflected within each bubble never changes. In conjunction with low liminal stability readings, the images strongly led researchers to believe that the bubbles each function as a stable — though nigh impossible to reach — entrance to a single level.

On occasion, bubbles 3 and 6, as listed, have been known to pass quite closely (about 110km/70miles) over the canopy line. Bubble 6 was eventually chosen as the most viable candidate for approach, given the proximity of a portion of its orbit to Megaflora's canopy line. Initially, drones attempted to reach the bubbles using Object 4, but this method of approach proved unviable. The use of an entirely unmanned drone-satellite hybrid was later explored instead, with some degree of success.

Reports of the drone experiments have been included for reference below.

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