Creature 226 - "Lawcrows"
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Eyes of Argos Database
"We are watching…"

Creature 226th - Lawcrows of His Judging Name

"These are eyes that fly, born of my Lawful name. These are eyes that judge, that ever-see and hear and talk of Justice from my Lawful name."

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Photo of two Lawcrows perched near The Headquarters.

Lawcrows are the product of our Lawful Lord, Argos, benign beings created from the essence of His Justice. These creatures are only bred in The Headquarters but accompany any of the Eyes if they so choose to carry these companions with them. Lawcrows have sights that see lies and truths, have hearings that perceive through walls, and have silent voices to speak with whomever, unlike any other crow.


Photo of a Lawcrow perched near The Headquarters.

Lawcrows have a tendency to learn from their owners, following their habits and gaining a word that they might like; they would usually repeat their words a significant amount of times. Lawcrows also have human-like intelligence, capable of human speech to a certain degree, though never without grammatical errors and difficulty to speak complicated words. They can be compared to a 9-year-old child, as some of our operatives had stated in their personal experiences with a Lawcrow.

Lawcrows are docile and benevolent creatures, save for instances when they detect a sinful person,1 wherein they will begin to caw aggressively and attempt to claw at the individual with their talons unless held back by their owner.

These creatures have been said to accompany our Lawful Lord in murders, hidden in His shadow, to judge the sinful and sinless with Him, though this has never been seen by anyone. Lawcrows do not have many abilities other than those that have already been stated and they may be useless in serious combat, however, having a companion does no harm as a member of the Eyes and Watchers of Argos. They discern who to trust and not, and guide our Eyes and Watchers to the righteous path that has been given to them as their duty by Him.

Lawcrows still retain the anatomy of a common crow. However, they have been proven to exhibit tougher feathers, talons, and other external features, capable of withstanding stronger physical force throughout their bodies. Postmortem studies have lastly noted the existence of our Lord Argos' Eyes and His "True Vision" within a Lawcrow's retinas.


With even the approval from our Highmarshals and other high-ranking officials, taking care of these beings, Lawcrows, even if one is not a part of our organization, is highly encouraged.

To care for these creatures is also to respect the Eyes of Argos, and thus, we shall treat you in the same manner of respect and care as you did them.

To not care for, or otherwise harm, these creatures is to commit the crime of physical abuse against animals, and we are fully obliged to persecute and hunt you down for interrogation.

Remind yourself that we are always watching your every action and decision.

- Argos the Judge, the Jury, the Executioner

Eyes of Argos Database
"We are watching…"

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