Entity 216 - "Petrified Subjects of the First Prince"

"This was recorded with the expressed consent of the Petrified Viceroy of the First Generation. A human group called 'The M.E.G.' has requested us to introduce our civilization to whoever might read this. However, we are to make clear that we have no plans nor motives to work with the group called 'The M.E.G.' and that we are a separate organization and identity dedicated to the upbringing and preservation of our Lord the Prince the First's legacy, whose name we shall not dictate as it is the highest honor of holiness. We would also like to express that we are not a cult serving a god that does not exist. He is a true god amongst gods and shall be respected as so when entering our domain. Although we may not appear as people and instead are stone constructs, we would still kindly ask you humans to respect us as equals of your own. We would also prefer that you do not experiment with our bodies as each part of us is shared within another, and thus our pain and suffering are intertwined. You may commune with us if you wish, and we would record our interactions with you within our database respectively.

Our main goal is to go home, to our realm far beyond this dangerous one. We were banished all at once from our realm a long time ago and we are trying to figure out the reason as to why and how we would be able to return to our peaceful world. We could feel our Lord the Prince the First's presence, but we always seem to fail to communicate with Him. We have been within this unknown realm humans call 'The Backrooms' for eons now; time passes differently within our realm in our minds. I am sure someone can explain that to you at another time. We have been separated into generations, each different than the last. We began to industrialize, then modernize, and our technology has risen ever since we arrived in 'The Backrooms'. We have learned to evolve from our primitive technologies in our original world. However, we could not use this technology outside our realm for we are statues and cannot move, we also do not have the ability to materialize objects, and our capabilities are limited to our minds only. From your perspective, they are similar to imaginations but only this time you are living constantly within those imaginations upheld for eons with our minds.

We are the Subjects of the First Prince, or as you may know as the Petrified. We live. We survive. We are people."

~ Petrified Elder of the Third Generation, Zabahs

"Ah… It hast been a long while since I hath spoken to anybody… yet I remember the time I hath arrived within this here realm we presently nounce as 'The Backrooms'… The early youth eons ago back then were panicking about the sudden banishment from our Lord the Prince the First… I dare not speak of His name, however… My sincerest and deepest apologies from mine old state… But thee hath come to commune with me, have thou not? Ah yes… Very well… Mine memories are a slight broken due to time but I shalt attempt to my best of abilities to tell thou a story… Thou see, it was a long time ago when our Lord the Prince the First rose His sword of ever-brilliance… The light from His sword was very so bright that it hath transfigured us into this tactile form of stone… Our bodies melted and blazed for years, yet we felt no flame… We were paused in our bodies of stone… Until suddenly we fell through the earth and ended up in this here realm… At first… We hear not of voices from our people… But eventually, we all cameth together to form what we are now…!

Ah yes… Oh yes… We all desire to go home, dearest human… How we miss the lush forest of our world… And how peaceful our lives were then…! Ah! I remember…! I was even lucky enough to meet our Lord the Prince the First…! How kind He was to the town I governed…! He slew several gods…! Even rivaling His-… …I deeply apologize… I am afraid I cannot tell you…!

…It is time I go once more…! I bid thee farewell, kind human…! Best of wishes to your onward journeys…!"

~ Petrified Elder of the First Generation, Raetheth

"Believe it or not, we are people! Though we may seem like unmoving statues to your eyes, our life thrives and continues on through our minds! Our Lord the Prince the First has gifted us the ability to commune through each other no matter how far we are. Our civilization lives through us in our vessels. We all share the same bodies and minds!

We have married, we have birthed, we have died, and we have been reborn. Our minds are one and the same, and through our minds, we forge our cities and traditions. Through your eyes, it seems like imagination, but for us it is real, and you are living in a city through your minds in a body of stone! I know it's a little confusing, I too didn't get it for the first time!

Oh and yes! Time goes really really fast in our realm! I think it was… it was… yeah! It was… was… twenty-four hours in 'The Backrooms' is about one year in our realm! I don't know how it works… But it sure is amazing!"

~ Petrified Child of the Eight Generation, Gorhu

"You know, sometimes people like to destroy statues. And you know, we're kinda scared one day they'll do the same for me and my brothers once they notice our existence. Last year, I think, Jezghe died because a human broke his head with a sledgehammer. It wasn't the nicest experience; we all had migraines after that. Luckily 'entities' or beasts or whatever don't give a shit about our existence, and they just ignore our bodies when they pass us, but it's always the humans that break our bodies every time without significant reason, and sometimes we don't understand why they do, you know? Like I'm just relaxing in my own corner, talking to my brothers and how their work went, then suddenly some people come up to us and just decide to break us, which is kinda rude if you get me. I hope you don't do it to us; I think you're a pretty chill guy. What was your name again? Ah right, you're an Operative of that human group, right? Yeah, 'The M.E.G.', that group. A lot of the people that break us come from that group for some reason; they said it was for research and documentation because we were a new 'entity' but it hurts you know? And we can't just like be reborn every single day. It's like a queue of sorts when you die; you sit with the other fellas, but you're not in a body. You're just like in a weird spectral temple of some kind, and you're just waiting for your turn. But yeah, anyway, I hope you tell them not to break our bodies anymore because it hurts a lot. Plus our bodies are limited; we can't just possess a random statue — they aren't our bodies! Well, at least for now anyway, I heard our scholars have been working on a way to transport our consciousness to other statues, but it's quite a hard task to accomplish even after centuries of research and stuff. Do you have any more questions? No? Alright. I'm going back to writing."

~ Petrified Citizen of the Twelfth Generation, Keral

"Our Lord the Prince the First does not abandon… He will come back for us and bring us home. He does not leave a single shadow behind, for His light is the ever-brilliance and shall shine forevermore. Our descendants have forgotten the significance of our forefather, the First Prince, but we all know in our hearts how deeply we miss our world. Though we may be content in our new modern world, we forget not of our roots in a world where peace and tranquility reign all. We remember our traditions and history and teach our children the significance of our old realm far from this one. "No-clip"? We did not "no-clip". We were banished to this realm by… by our Prince and turned to stone. We… We do not know why, but there must be an important purpose for it. Our Prince would not abandon us; He loved us dearly."

~ Petrified Citizen of the First Generation, Rixeth

"Ah, you wish to know about our society, traditions, cities, biology, and population? Very well.

First and foremost, we are to learn the basics of our race. We are a species originating from a realm beyond 'The Backrooms'. We are creatures like you, but our differences come with our diversity, some are born with two heads, four arms, or three legs, but in our most basic state, we may be called humans. Our Prince said that we are not humans but fragments of His light. Each connected and bonded and unitized to form one mind, one singularity of several consciousnesses. You may know it as "hive mind", which essentially describes us. We are the Subjects of the First Prince, we serve under Him, and we dedicate our civilization to Him. We build temples and churches to offer our prayers and benefaction wherever He may be. To summarize, our traditions revolve around the First Prince and His ordained command. Our society is simple and monotone, perhaps repetitive, but it is always carefree and peaceful; we are unbound by any expectations as we are able to almost achieve anything together. It is also due to this nature that we have decided to lessen reproduction and keep a stable population not to overload our vessels with more people; we are currently resolving this issue by experimenting with expanding our minds to actual statues or constructs, or even a mega-vessel where we can store all of us within, but that is a topic for another time.

Our cities are all connected in the same pattern of the First Prince's insignia: The Ever-Brilliance. Our mega structure spans millions of kilometers, comfortably housing our species within. In our realm, we have no opposition to fend off, and we have no threats to overcome; it is because of this that one might see our realm as paradise. We were gifted immortality by our Prince, and we are provided a vast, endless realm of tranquility and peace. We could not ask for anything better. Our populations reach the number of billions, though as I previously stated, we have decreased our rate of reproduction to avoid overpopulation and overloading our vessels."

~ Petrified Scholar of the Third Generation, Chekazi

The human population of 'The Backrooms' wanted to record our species and our Petrified Viceroy has subsequently agreed to this term. We have copied their main document and shall also provide updated versions whenever necessary. They have taught us how to create and write simple documents in case we are in need of any file formats. We shall now provide you, who are accessing this database in our realm, the complete file of our race!

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