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Entity 198: "The Plush Dino" by: YellowISlolYellowISlol

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A photograph of The Plush Dino in its active state.

Entity Number: 198

Habitat: Level 18


Entity 198, or The Plush Dino, is the sole Entity which inhabits Level 18. The Entity resembles a plush filled dinosaur who is capable of movement. The dinosaur typically stays in a dormant state, and will make no reaction to movements. However, whenever it senses someone who is in a distressed state on Level 18, it will enter its "active state". In this state, its textile "skin" becomes pink, and it grows a pair of legs, which are also made of textile covering.


Once finished converting to its active state, which takes about 20 seconds, it will begin to seek out the individual which experienced distress. Once Entity 198 locates the individual in question, it will begin to help guide them around. It will typically wander in a joyful motion, and will take breaks often. Sometimes, it may beg to be cuddled, or else held. It appears to sleep, and will choose to do so. It requires no sustenance, though it can eat food if given. It is known for being very appreciative, and will always act joyful and thankful in the event it is given anything. It is incapable of speech, however, it is very capable of speaking through actions.


Entity 198 was discovered when Overseer-C was wandering on Level 4, and accidentally stumbled upon Level 18. From there, he nearly turned around and left, but instead encountered Entity 198. From there, they went and followed the Entity, leading him to The Hub, where they were originally planning to go.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Follow Entity 198 should you encounter it.
  • Cause no harm to Entity 198.


  • Cause any harm to Entity 198.
  • Distrust Entity 198.

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