Entity 195 - "Endless/Nameless"
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a picture of the entity, probably.

Entity Number: 195

Habitat - pepis


these eyes that once belonged to me are now your eyes to keep
i have torn out all my struggles at last i am set free
torn to void by my misfortune
now void of misery

Endless/Nameless is an entity whose general existence and relevant information are in a constant state of flux.

Endless/Nameless does not seem to be capable of escaping the cycle of dereality; although this creature exists, nothing about it is capable of reaching a constant and stable reality.

Endless/Nameless is a watcher spectating from the most forbidden lands such as The Blue Channel watching the reality benders of The Backrooms being The Gamemaster, The King and many more with its intentions unknown.

Endless/Nameless has a sequence of reality warping abilities. Most, if not all, are incomprehensible to humans and other living vessels.

Endless/Nameless seems to fluctuate in mass and colour based on current atmospheric pressure and the ratio of diatomic gases in the air, respectively.


Unfortunately, the Entity is currently undergoing a "Clustural Shift", in which it simultaneously exists in more than one Cluster, which is problematic for its realital stability.

I am Alpha and Omega

The beginning and the end

Rhythmic dance of constant changes

Time you wish you could have spent

Remnants of Endless/Nameless remain in levels that used to be inhabited by it, with these remnants being embedded into surfaces touched by the entity. Currently, The M.E.G has been keeping an eye on these remnants since they have been observed to be growing, with bulbs recently observed to be forming.

Endless/Nameless are considered a bad omen, particularly on Level 11, where an instance showing up after a new Wanderer has entered the level is seen as a sign that they should leave immediately. If a Wanderer does not vacate the premise, they will die in a fantastical and improbable way that applies to the current area. Instances of Endless/Nameless tend to bring along with it disaster, the most notable being the Great Molasses Flood of Level 11.

It is also of note that witnesses have reported similar predatory behaviors to those of Skin Stealers. However, any relation between the two is presently unconfirmed.

Focus on the Endless/Nameless is undesired by the entities. They will try to distract you with meaningless minutiae, memetic hazards that interfere with solipsism and heuristic processes. Do not get distracted, as even a slight distraction could be a fatal mistake.

Most instances of Endless/Nameless will pursue their victims and then nothing remains


While of course, sightings of this entity will vary, the one thing in common with reports is that the entity seems to have a recurring 'rotting vegetable' smell. Most entities are also repelled by the Endless/Nameless for a currently unknown reason, however the current theory is that the rotten stench is putrid enough to ward off predators.

This entity is capable of producing agents, beings contaminated by its touch. You can not trust anyone, all those who have been touched constitute a latent danger. They try to disguise, they smile but they are not happy, look at their eyes, look at the void.

Little can ever be seen of the entity, as, most commonly, it dissipates rather quickly. However, small glances are possible, as is viewing from a distance. The entity appears as a gray humanoid, devoid of recognizable features.

I am nothing, but with nothing, what can be made?
these eyes that once belonged to me are no more mine to keep
i have gambled all my riches and i pay the penalty
torn to void by my wrongdoing
now void of ecstasy


This entity was discovered on 2/4/2012.The first instance of this entity was rumored to be found on Level 27; the Wanderer who discovered it died almost instantly from an entity attack accompanied by the aforementioned 'rotting vegetable' smell.

[begin log]

The following transcript details an interaction between Endless/Nameless and Researcher A. Caza.

Endless/Nameless: “Step back and look away, please; the next shift will take you with it. Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex!"[Audibly growing louder]

Researcher A. Caza: "Okay, I'm sorry, but what exactly does this mean?"

Endless/Nameless: "Identity is a prison, I have escaped it!"

The researcher appears worried, but keeps their professionalism. Looking straight at the entity, they take a deep breath before stating in a sharp tone:

Researcher A. Caza: "You know what? You can't hurt me. You're barely even real. Why should I be afraid of something that's barely even real?"

Endless/Nameless: [horrible screeching]

[Endless/Nameless proceeds to forget Researcher A. Caza.]]

Additional Notes:

I am real. I am real. I am trapped along the edge of reality and time. Save yourself from my fate. save save save save

I am marvelous

I am real, I am here

And I am marvelous

[end log]

I can be anyone you've ever seen, anywhere you've ever been, anything you want me to be.

I am nothing, and from nothingness, all can be made.

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