Entity 173 - "Evocationaries"
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Entity Number: 173

Habitat(s): Level 18, Majority


Evocationaries are shapeshifters that take the appearance of an important item of any wanderer. These can vary greatly depending on the childhood one had, from a childhood toy, a family photo, to a knife or a beer bottle. No one has been able to witness an Evocationary in its natural form, as even groups of wanderers have reported seeing a singular Evocationary as an important item of their past. When taken by the wanderer, the entity gives them a sense of nostalgia, and eventually sucks the wanderer into its body, which transports them to Level 18. Note that they can be killed by destroying their body. Said task can vary from extremely straightforward to very difficult depending on the item the Evocationary turned into.


Evocationaries have three states when encountered by a wanderer known as the three R's; the Recognition, Reminiscent, and Relocation State.

The Recognition State: The Recognition state is where an Evocationary takes the appearance of an item dedicated to a wanderer's past. Although attempts to view an Evocationary before this state have been proven futile, it is known that once entity 173 has successfully morphed, a wanderer is suddenly overcome with an extreme feeling of desolation. During this state, one must make all attempts to find the Evocationary, as it does not attempt to make itself known - this has led a few M.E.G. members to the brink of suicide. Be wary that if one is in a group and all are going through this state, a few may become violent and use physical combat to get to the entity first. Once a wanderer has recognized and taken the entity, it moves on to its second state.

The Reminiscent State: This occurs once a wanderer picks up the entity. In this state, one will find themselves trapped in nostalgia, and will remember every single memory of the item the Evocationary has taken the appearance of, leaving them frozen in a vegetative state. As this occurs, anyone with the victim will be free of the negative emotions that came from the first state, and will no longer feel the need to take the entity away from them. However, they will still see it as their childhood item. At this point, the other wanderers now have a chance to quickly swipe the Evocationary and kill it. Understand, however, that the victim will still be violent.
Note: This state can be prevented by resisting the urge to take the Evocationary and killing it right away. However, know that this takes an incredible amount of willpower to refuse this urge.

The Relocation State: This is the final state where the wanderer is sucked into the Evocationary and is teleported to Level 18. Eyewitnesses report seeing entity 173 float out of a victim’s hands and pull them in. As of recent, the victim hasn’t been found. According to M.E.G. reports, upon transport to Level 18, the level seems to have an interesting effect on Evocationaries, as their properties seem to change when encountered there. The item that the wanderer sees upon transport to Level 18 no longer seems to have any mental or emotional effect on them, and now seems to be covered in “static”. The Evocationary now seems to be safe to interact with. However, be wary that some effects may continue to last because of the level itself.


Depending on the childhood of a wanderer, Evocationaries take on three different forms: the Comfort, Trauma, and Covet Form.

The Comfort Form: The most common of the three, the Comfort Form, is where Evocationaries take the appearance of a cherished item that belonged to a wanderer with a happy childhood. Examples include but are not limited to: a plush toy, an action figure, or an accessory. When in this form, wanderers will find themselves desperate and violent and will do anything necessary to take the entity.

The Trauma Form: The second most common, the Trauma Form, is where entity 173 takes the form of an item that is related to a wanderer with trauma/a bad childhood. Examples include but are not limited to: knives, empty beer bottles, and whips. Two things may occur here: one will use this entity as a way to hurt others, which makes other wanderers break free from the Recognition State entirely - or they try to run away from the entity, which creates a paradox from the first state which usually leads to death unless another wanderer kills the Evocationary. Note that the effects each form has on a different wanderer are fairly similar to one another, with the only exception being visible panic or using the entity as a weapon being the one thing that separates the Trauma Form from the latter two.

The Covet Form: The final and rarest form is taken when a particular wanderer lacks a certain childhood that allows for an Evocationary to take the Comfort or Trauma Form. This is where the entity shifts into an item that a wanderer always wanted in their life but was never able to get. Examples include but are not limited to: jewelry, a toy, or an accessory. This will leave the same effect Comfort Forms have on wanderers.

As mentioned previously, it is unknown what the true form of an Evocationary is. Attempts to take photos of the entity has only led to broken devices, unprocessed films, or incredibly glitchy images that are not reliable enough to confirm what the real form of an Evocationary is. However, its appearance in death has been documented. Upon killing entity 173 through means of crushing, it melts into an incredibly acidic substance similar to that of Fluoroantimonic Acid. It is strongly encouraged to not come into contact with an Evocationary after it’s death.


Entity 173 was discovered on February 4th, 2012 when a man by the name of “Campbell Pacquet” stumbled upon it on Level 11. Upon first discovery, Evocationaries were listed as an object, but as more reports came in and it was found that they could be killed, it was relisted as an entity. Written below is the transcript for a group interview led by researcher Catelyn Rodriguez. This interview reveals how Evocationaries were found to be an entity rather than an object based on the accounts of three people.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Find the entity as soon as possible.
  • Resist the urge to pick it up.
  • Kill it right away.


  • Pick up the entity
  • Let others fall into the states.
  • Touch an Evocationary after it dies.

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