Entity 169
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A picture of a clump of Entity 169 instances.

Entity Number: 169

Habitat - Damp areas such as Level 0, as well as areas of nature, such as Level 37.


Entity 169 is a semi-intelligent fungus that displays quasi-personality and expressions. The Entity emits dangerous white spores that will kill any Entity or human that breathes them in through bursting the lungs. The fungus is only classified as dangerous when within large groups, and are rather harmless and perhaps friendly in open areas or in groups of one (1) to three (3), as the emitted toxin isn't potent enough to kill.


The Entity, using it's assumed eyes, will display what looks to be happiness at practically everything. This includes excitement to see any humans that pass by, although the fungus does not smile towards Entities, including Skin-Stealers. This suggests they may indeed have intelligence of some kind. They have a small amount of control over their bodies, able to 'bounce' to float through the air or move on the ground, which they can also do through rolling. When one detaches from its original position it does not return, preferring to keep moving, or unable to anchor itself again.

At first glance, they are rather innocent creatures, but will consciously spread to other areas, and do not express regret toward any deaths that they cause; as they can be found growing on the corpses of both humans and Entities alike. It is recommended to only interact with them in small groups or in open areas, as the chance of death is significantly lower.


Entity 169 are a fungi like plague that grows in many dank or open areas. They grow in clusters and sprout on top of each other rapidly. When beginning to grow they are smoother and smaller, and harden and grow in size to about seven (7) cm in diameter. Each instance of Entity 169 has two small dots facing outward, that are able to move, close and reopen, and otherwise express emotion. Instances have partial control of their 'bodies', able to roll or bounce. The mechanism in which they float through the air is still undiscovered. Further testing is required.

White dust emits from each instance of the Entity. This dust is commonly accepted to be spores of the Entity, a means to reproduce. They are able to begin growing on anything touched by this mist, such as a corpse or damp spot in wallpaper. Once breathed in, one will have minutes before beginning to cough up blood violently, followed by complete outward rupture of any respiratory system one may have. This normally also results in the ribcage or back being blown out as well.

Discovery Log 12/03/2019

Begin Log: 08:23
Calling: M.E.G. Exploration Team
Recieving: M.E.G. Alpha Base First Response Team

M.E.G. Officer: Alpha Base..? It appears I've found an Entity of sorts down in Level 0, some snowball lookin' things… you readin' me? Over.

First Response: Stand by for now, what does it look like? Over.

M.E.G. Officer: Uhhh well there's more than one, bunch of em' looks like they're growin' down here, got some kinda' dust in the air too. Huh… what's that over there…

First Response: Continue to stand by Officer, is the dust safe to breathe? Over.

M.E.G. Officer: Not hurtin' me yet, still can't see what that is for the life of me. Ah- oh- it looks like one has p-popped out? and is floating toward me. Over.

First Response: Does it seem to be attacking you? Over.

M.E.G. Officer: That thing don't look like it could hurt a fly. They've all got like- Eye lookin' things? little black dots, they're lookin' around. Ah!

First Response: What happened, is everything OK officer? Report back immediately… Officer?

M.E.G. Officer: Nah, nah I'm all good! It just bumped off my head is all, landed in my hands. Lookit this little dude! He's adorable, Command you readin' me? I think we got a good one! He's lookin' up at me and everythin'.

First Response: Put down the Entity Officer, we're sending an investigative team to gather info, stay where you are. Over.

M.E.G. Officer: Yeah, yeah whatever… (Sounds of the Officer playing with the Entity is heard for a small while, followed by a sudden bought of coughing)

First Response: Are you OK officer? Over.

M.E.G. Officer: Yeah I'm (Cough) Good, just uh- sore throat is al- (Officer's dialouge devolves into a coughing fit, culminating in his clearing his throat) T-there's a body- (Cough) They're g-growin' on it-…

First Response: Officer? Officer respond, what's happening—

M.E.G. Officer: (Officer is heard groaning in increasing volume, to the point of yelling. Followed by a large wet splat sound. Officer did not continue to respond)

First Response: Officer? Officer respond. Hello?

Summary: Investigation team, now equipped with gas masks for the assumed deadly toxin, arrived on the scene soon later. The M.E.G. Officer's lungs had appeared to have exploded outward, along with his chest and back. Already new spores of Entity 169 had begun to grow on the body. Few were taken for testing and looked happy despite the gruesome circumstances.

End Log: 08:42

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Leave the area if the air begins to appear white.
  • Move through regions infected with the spores.
  • If you do, bring a gas mask.


  • Breathe in the spores they emit.
  • Travel to damp, enclosed areas often.
  • Bring any with you. Yes, we know it can be tempting.

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