Entity 16 - "Nguithr'xurh"
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Written by unknown author and rewritten by zakkun_zakkun_.


A rare image of a Nguithr'xurh Hatchling

Entity Number: 16

Habitats: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3


A Nguithr'xurh is a large spider-like creature that possesses 16 appendages. While a close encounter with it is highly dangerous, not only are they slow, but they also aren't observed to chase prey. As long as you steer clear of its traps, they are essentially harmless.


They generally stay hidden on ceilings, creating ball-shaped webs and filling them with a sedative that while unable to completely paralyze a victim, is enough to greatly dampen a person's thinking capability. It then hangs these balls on the ceiling with additional webbing. It continues to do this when there is no prey nearby.

On smaller prey (i.e. other bugs), it simply spurts the chemical and then starts to eat the prey. On humans, however, It stays completely still to not be noticed. When the wanderer is directly below its traps, it proceeds to cut down a single ball. The ball then bursts out the sedative onto the target. Most targets will not notice the first one, but will start to feel weird.

The effect of the depressant starts and the victim will start to feel less aware of their surroundings. It then proceeds to drop all of the balls at once, eventually making the target completely unresponsive to any outside stimuli. The Nguithr'xurh then drops down to its prey and proceeds to eat it alive. After feeding, it returns to the nearest possible ceiling and hibernates before setting up its traps once again.


Nguithr'xurhs are currently classified as an Arachnid under the Solifugae order.1 Sizes vary greatly, but the average size of a Nguithr'xurh is estimated to be around 4 inches wide and 7 inches in length.


It is believed that Reddit user u/Lordmac29 was the first to discover Entity 16 after a short message containing a considerable amount of spelling and grammatical errors was sent to a M.E.G. member. As the message was near incomprehensible aside from the words "spider" and "sixteen legs", no investigation was made, as it was thought at the time that u/Lordmac29 was under the effects of some recreational substance.

The first recorded sighting of Entity 16 was from a team of M.E.G. Explorers on a mission unrelated to the said entity. They have set up a base directly underneath a family of Nguithr'xurhs, and by the time they realized what was going on, 2 members have already been fatally injured and were unable to recover. The team immediately went back to a safe base and recorded the incident and the entity.

The first version of this entry was created by a M.E.G. Explorer that was, unknown to them, was still under the heavy sedation effects of the Entity 16 secretion. The name for Entity 16 was supposed to either be the 'Sleeper' or 'The Sleeper Spider', but the name 'Nguithr'xurh' was typed instead. The name stayed this way as a reminder of how powerful the sedation effect could get.


While the entity itself is dangerous due to its size, its secretion is found to be very harmless, even in large doses. Research is currently ongoing to create highly effective painkillers, antidepressants, and other beneficial drugs that people within the backrooms are in desperate need of.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Look for ball-shaped web sacs on ceilings
  • Avoid ceilings with web sacs
  • Pay attention to any signs of discomfort
  • Shake your body now and again to counter a possible Nguithr'xurh attack
  • If attacked, seek help from a nearby outpost immediately


  • Stay in a single spot for long if there are ceilings above your head
  • Ignore minor discomfort
  • Give up hope
    • Injuries from a Nguithr'xurh are usually treatable, so if you can still notice them, it's a good sign that you could still be saved

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