Entity 150
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Private Chat Log: "Hidden Chat"
Isaac007> Hey, Jim?
JimmyLimmy> Wssp
Isaac007> I need help
Isaac007> Are you still on Level 33?
JimmyLimmy> Ye whats going on?
Isaac007> Something's watching me
JimmyLimmy> Well is it a human? Shouldn't be an issue if it is, just leave.
Isaac007> That's the thing, I dunno
JimmyLimmy> ???
Isaac007> If it's human
JimmyLimmy> How?
Isaac007> It’s so stoic
Isaac007> It's just kinda staring at me.
JimmyLimmy> Uhhhh
Isaac007> Shit, do you know what that thing is?
JimmyLimmy> Don't think so, that's weird tho, I'd get the fuck out of there
Isaac007> It's been following me for the past thirty-ish minutes.
JimmyLimmy> Wait lemme check the archives rq maybe I can help you out.
Isaac007> Already tried, nothing on there like this thing.
JimmyLimmy> Well describe it to me, maybe I can write some notes up.
Isaac007> It's getting closer what the fuck do I do
JimmyLimmy> Calm down, grab a weapon.
JimmyLimmy> Helllooooo
JimmyLimmy> Isaac?
JimmyLimmy> Dude
JimmyLimmy> I don't think you looked hard enough. That's a Stalker.

User: @Isaac007 has been logged off for innactivity

JimmyLimmy> /permclose


HABITAT(S): Majority


Entity 150, commonly referred to as "Stalkers", are generally non-hostile entities known to roam a majority of levels in the Backrooms. Stalkers take the appearance of a regular human, though they haven’t been confirmed to match the appearance of any existing people.

Stalkers usually wear regular clothing that covers much of their body. Items like hoodies, pants, and boots are all commonly seen on Stalkers. Each and every feature of their body and choice of clothing is relatively normal, and it is difficult to differentiate a human and a stalker.


Stalkers will not initiate any violent altercations unless provoked, instead they will follow a wanderer around at a distance of 5 to 100 feet away. This tendency of staying far from the victim seems to persist once a wanderer attempts to approach the entity. Although not every time, very commonly the Stalker will begin to back away to maintain the same level of distance between itself and the wanderer it is pursuing.

It has also been noted by victims that Stalkers can also develop the tendency to hide from the victim, most likely to up the paranoia once it is noticed1. Although Stalkers do not immediately threaten a Wanderer physically, the mental effects of being followed by a Stalker are fatal.

Once a Stalker begins pursuing a wanderer, it will not stop for upwards of an entire day. It is truly hard to ignore a Stalker, but ignoring one is the best thing to be done when being stalked. It seems that from many accounts, prolonged exposure to a Stalker’s presence can provoke serious psychological trauma to the wanderer, mainly paranoia. When a wanderer begins to think about the stalker, that is when the fits of paranoia begin, and if this wanderer cannot ease their mind in under an hour, the Stalker becomes physically violent. In short, if one keeps thinking about the Stalker, they will be hurt or likely killed by the entity.

Although a Stalker will only usually become violent after this occurrence, on specific levels certain triggers can make a Stalker become hostile. The following is a compiled list of the most common triggers observed between levels:

  • Contact with water
  • Contact with fire
  • Being hit or harmed by a wanderer
  • Day/night cycles affecting its behavior.
  • Attempting to make conversations/interact with the entity
  • Running away from the entity
  • Standing still for a certain period of time

These are all non-level-specific triggers. A thorough list of level-specific triggers is in the works.

As for the attack patterns of a Stalker, they can vary. Usually, once hostility is triggered, the Stalker will not use a weapon or surrounding object to attack or defend itself, instead resorting to just using its body to inflict physical harm. It has not yet been discerned why, but Stalkers will occasionally stop hurting a victim before said victim dies. Generally, Stalkers do make sure to kill any victim. After this, they will simply leave the victim, allowing the body to rot on the floor. Strangely, bodies killed by a Stalker rot much quicker than a typical body.

There is only one more notable behavior of a Stalker and this pattern is present in every known instance of a Stalker. Once a Stalker finds another wanderer nearby2, it will begin to follow that wanderer instead. This is one of the possible reasons why a Stalker will leave a wanderer on the brink of death, but other explanations are also possible.

M.E.G. Department of Wanderer Safety, June 3rd, 2002
On behalf of the Major Exploration Group's Department of Wanderer Safety, I would like to address a common concern held by many wanderers. We would like to formally address and answer the following question:

"What decides who a Stalker pursues?"

Although many field tests have been done to attempt to answer this, it is yet unknown the exact reason why a Stalker chooses to pursue who it does. The most probable answer is that it is simply random, but for your safety and concerns, we will list some plausible theories.

  • Stalkers choose the first wanderer they see. This theory was half-proven, as we found that if a Stalker is pursuing a wanderer, it will immediately begin following the next wanderer that comes within a certain, undetermined radius of it.
  • Stalkers pursue wanderers who are alone. Although there is nearly no way of proving this for certain, every observation our department has done showed that in all cases the initial victim was by themselves.
  • Undetermined triggers. Although this is one of the hardest to prove, it is just as plausible as any other theory. It is possible that there are certain triggers that cause Stalkers to pursue specific wanderers. Because of how many triggers would need to be tested to prove this, we have not yet made an attempt on discovering these possible triggers.

Of these theories, only the first was proven. But still, we have not been able to figure out what causes the initial stalking to occur. We are aware that while a wanderer is being stalked, the Stalker can switch who it follows, but we do not know why the first hypothetical wanderer was stalked.
As an important sidenote, we have also found Stalkers standing entirely still when they are not pursuing anybody. Though we have not yet seen these idle Stalkers begin to stalk someone after this idle period.
We hope this answers your inquiries.

Dr. Makino, head of the M.E.G. Department of Wanderer Safety


Although no autopsy or full examination of a Stalker has been performed, from outside observations, certain characteristics of the way their bodies function have been determined.
  • Entity 150 does not show any signs of breathing like a human being.3
  • There is no pulse present anywhere on the body of an instance of Entity 150.
  • Entity 150 has eyes but has never been recorded to blink.
  • Although there are many difficult terrains for it to navigate, Entity 150 seems to be able to do it with ease, likely possessing traits such as enhanced night vision or echo-location.
  • Entity 150 makes frequent, soft clicking noises, supporting the theory that they use echo-location.
  • Instances of Entity 150 have vastly different physiques, though this has no effect on their physical capabilities.

The reason for the lack of thorough medical analysis is because it would require the constant thought of the Stalker being observed, and as of yet, no instance of the Entity has been successfully killed, making a biopsy or autopsy even more strenuous.


It seems that Stalkers have been around for as long as long as records go but the first recorded encounter is held in online records. This information was gathered through a series of notes, though only two are relevant to the encounter.

Dos and Don'ts:


  • Ignore the stalker, it cannot harm wanderers just going about their day.
  • Keep the mind occupied. Listen to music, draw, go for a jog, or whatever it takes to forget about the entity.
  • Don’t interact with the Stalker in any way.
  • Find another wanderer and meet up with them. It may sound harsh, but if it pursues them the Stalker is no longer a threat.


  • Interact with the Stalker in any way.
  • Try to kill or overpower the entity, it will only end poorly.
  • Attempt to hide or run away. The entity can easily pursue a typical wanderer.
  • Surrender.
  • Attempt to bribe it in any manner, whether with food, shelter, etc.
  • Continue to focus on the entity in any way. Don't write about it draw it, take a picture of it, or anything that could require a decent amount of thought about the entity.

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