Entity 145
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A picture of the entity from behind in level 410.1

Entity Number: 145

Habitat(s): - Level 410.1, Majority (rarely).


Entity 145, also known as the Wisps are floating flames found living in Level 410.1 and very rarely in other levels. Outside of Level 410.1, they can be found crying as they make their way back to Level 410.11. Some travelers have this Entity accompany them during their adventures, but convincing one to come along outside of the level it normally lives in can be difficult.


When no humans are in sight, these Entities wander around in Level 410.1 in the upper floors. When it spots a Human, it will quickly approach them and offer to help the them exit the Level. Should the human accept, it will also keep them safe until they leave the level. If declined, it will often frown and fly off unless the wanderer changes their mind. if attacked, they will quickly attempt to fly away from the attacker. Should the attacker continue, the Entity will try to get the attacker killed by some means like luring them into dangers.


The Entitiy's appearance resembles a blue, yellow-orange or white floating ball of fire with 2 black eyes, and a small smiling mouth. Despite appearing to be made out of fire, it's warm to the touch but won't burn, which can be beneficial in Levels that are cold. It has 2 floating round orbs that act as hands. These are hidden when not in use. It provides light which can be used as a alternative to a flashlight, but this can be a problem when Smilers and Deathmoths are nearby. They are capable of human speech and their voices are high pitched when they speak. While it requires no sustenance, it will consume almost any food and drinks if given any, including what would be harmful for human consumption. Liquids that normally put out fire will not harm the Entity.


The following is a recording of a M.E.G member who was exploring Level 410.1 when he encountered the Entity.

Begin Log

Entity 145: Hello human, you must be lost. i can help you get out of this level and protect you from any dangers here.

Explorer: gah! who are you? where did you come from?

Entity 145: (The Entity can be heard giggling) i'm a Wisp, and i live here silly. now do you want my help or not?

Explorer: hmmm…alright sure, i could use your help on getting out of this level.

(The Entity can be heard excitingly flying off. It apparently motions the explorer to follow, producing a floating "hand")

(5 minutes of silence follow, as Entity 145 and the explorer apparently search for the exit. The explorer reports that at some point during this time, the Entity seemed panicked, and pushed him into a room, motioning for him to cover his mouth)

Entity 145: (The Entity can be heard sighing) glad thats gone.

Explorer: wait who? what was going on and, what were you trying to keep me away from?

Entity 145: those walking spirits…they aren't friendly to humans like you. they also live here and will attack any humans that they see…or well, that is if they find the human through sound first. they can't see well, but i had to hide you from it either way.

Explorer: oh, well thank you. now can we focus on getting out of this level?

(the Entity can be heard flying off as the explorer follows it. 12 minutes of silence pass, during which, the Entity, and the explorer search for an exit. The explorer reports entering Level 11, and that when he reached the other side, the Entity was no longer following him)

End Log

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Let it help you, you'll have a better chance of surviving and leaving the Level it lives in.
  • Try to convince it to accompany you outside of level 410.1, they can be helpful.
  • If its accompanying you, hide it away from any entities that are attracted to light like Smilers.


  • Have it out when light attracted entities are around.
  • Ignore it when its warning you of nearby dangers.

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