Entity 14 - "Reviooks"
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What the ground will look like when a Reviook is about to emerge.

Entity Number: 14

Habitat(s): Level 5, Level 7, Level 170, Others


Reviooks are entities that can be found in the Backrooms, most commonly on Level 5 and Level 7, characterized by their many legs and ability to burrow into the ground. These creatures should be considered extremely dangerous.


Reviooks will burrow into the ground for several weeks at a time, waiting for wanderers or other entities to walk over them. The ground will eventually heal, and look like it did before. After around 5-9 seconds of standing on the ground, the ground will begin to break, and the Reviook will break out of the floor and grab its victim, pulling it back underneath the floor. What happens at this point is unknown, but the victim may reemerge as a bare, brittle skeleton. It is assumed that the Reviook forces its victim to suffocate underground, and discards the remains.


The exact physical appearance of a Reviook is unclear, as they spend most of their existence underground. However, we do know what they generally look like. Large muscular arms in the front of the body, and three small legs in the back. The feet have a 'spork' like appearance, allowing them to dig into the ground in seconds. The head has several black beady eyes, and a small tube-like mouth underneath. Males will have large white spots on the body, while females will have several tiny white dots.


A man named Andrew Williams, a member of "the Originals", vanished from Level 5 for seemingly no reason. Eventually the culprit, a Reviook, was discovered, and promptly killed by Capt. Edward Smith.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Listen for vibrating sounds on the ground
  • Keep a weapon on hand, they can be killed


  • Walk on flooring that vibrates/rumbles

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