Entity 132
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A digital recreation of an Entity 132 instance seen on Level 0.2 before it collapsed. It is presumed dead.

Entity Number: 132

Habitat: Majority, more common in Levels related to the group "Backrooms Remodeling Co."


Entity 132 is what appears to be a type of Employee of the mysterious group of interest "Backrooms Remodeling Co.", though instead of a regular head it appears to have been replaced by a vintage television from the 1960s and forward. They appear to not be as sentient as a regular employee, unable to speak beside the noises that emanate from their head, and only able to accomplish simple movements.

Instead of a regular insignia that would regularly designate rank based on the metal used, all insignias on Entity 132 instances are replaced by cloth patches ironed on to their berets; This may suggest that Entity 132 instances are the lowest possible rank, perhaps used as a punishment for Employees who fail their purpose. More research pending.


Entity 132 instances can be found throughout the Backrooms appearing to wander in any direction. Compared to their higher-ranking counterparts in Backrooms Remodeling Co., they are considerably less able to perform cognitive function and movement. They appear to only be able to do simple actions, most commonly waving upon noticing something. They also do not appear to register anything said to them, only sometimes tilting their head in confusion.

While a definite function has not been proven yet, they seem to be used for advertisement for Backrooms Remodeling Co. Many separate housing and remodeling ads play on their screens as they walk, and sometimes cut suddenly to a different one even if the previous one had not finished.


Instances of Entity 132, by all means, are average Backrooms Remodeling Co. Employees, the only difference being their heads replaced by vintage televisions. Though the televisions run adverts for Backrooms Remodeling Co. services (Including but not limited to: Housing, Remodeling, Furnishing, etc.) no power source is connected to the television itself. Upon investigation of a deceased Entity 132 instance, the inside of the television appears for the most part entirely regular.


A corpse of an instance of Entity 132 was found on Level 188. Soon after, a living Entity 132 instance was found wandering around in Level 777.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Leave Entity 132 instances alone. They aren't harmful.


  • Patronize or attack Entity 132 instances, we do not know yet of their full connection to Backrooms Remodeling Co. and a war with them really isn't in our best interest.

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