Entity 13 - "Transporters"
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Entity Number: 13

Habitat - Level 3, Some higher Levels.


Also known as "Grabbers", Transporters are tall, dark, floating humanoid figures. They can appear anywhere past Level 3, and get more common as you go farther through the Backrooms. They appear when you reach a T-junction in the hallways.


Two of the three ways will continue as normal, but entering the third way will reveal a Transporter at the end of the hallway. If you turn around, you will find the passage into the hallway is gone, replaced by a simple wall. The Transporter will walk towards you, gradually speeding up, until it finally reaches you. It will then grab onto your shoulders. It seems that what happens next is random: Either you die, or, according to many survivors documentation of a Transporter, you're thrown through a void, and land in various Levels. It is unknown if you could be transported anywhere else by these entities. Should a Transporter be spotted, attempt to go opposite to where it is facing. This method may not be reliable due to the transporter's nature.


Transporters Have an appearance of a shadowy Humanoid, floating with no Legs. The Entity seems to emit a strange void effect around it. The Entity will usually be floating in the same position for days to weeks on end. Much is unknown for this Entity.


This Entity was found when a Anonymous User said a wall closed behind him in Level 3, and a, "Floating Man," was in front of them. The User then made a post saying how the Entity took the User into Level 4.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Attempt to go opposite to where it is facing.


  • Walk towards one.

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