Entity 124 - "The Memory Manager"

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A blurry photograph of Entity 1241.

General Description:

Entity 124, often regarded as "Memory Businessman", "Geometrical thing" or officially "The Memory Manager" is an entity that inhabits Level 227 and takes its victim from Level 92, possessing powers that can affect one's neurological network. Entity 124 can also cause confusion, lightheadedness, dizziness, and temporary memory loss. The strength of this effect is determined by the distance from The Memory Manager.

Detailed Description:

Other than distorting your brain signals at close ranges, it is also capable of making deals and signing contracts with the main currency traded being memory. Memories can be borrowed, sold, or traded for another memory or object of the same value, according to the entity's value system3. Sometimes wanderers can trade for knowledge4, fame, or physical abilities like better eyesight, stronger limbs, and many more. Other than raw memories, wanderers can also trade with memory jars, which will work the same.

After a trade, the victim will not remember anything about the encounter, the deal, or the entity's presence, simply living like normal. It is not exactly understood what Entity 124 can do but based on the transcripted audio file from underneath, we can surely see that The Memory Manager can and will kill humans in certain situations.

The entity is presumably believed to not be able to move, as none of its videotapes had recorded the entity's method of traversing. However, every time a new victim may stumble upon its grasp, a completely new and dissimilar environment from the previous is formed. From this, it's possible that Entity 124 can either teleport or that its surroundings constantly change.


Entity 124 is very friendly and cooperative. However, in some extraordinary cases, Entity 124 does get angry and may cause harm to you. Entity 124 talks in a psychic-type sound wave and cannot be recorded by capturing devices but will still create static and blur video tapes. The voice of Entity 124 is described to be very warm and nostalgic, almost sounds like the entity has met and befriended the wanderer a long time ago. Entity 124 also seems very sensitive to contents relating to Level 9 and talking about it may cause the entity to become distorted and angry which may ultimately lead to the wanderer's death. How you communicate with the entity will decide whether you survive or perish.


Entity 124 appeared to be a floating stellated octahedron5 with side lengths of approximately 12 meters in its base form. The inside of Entity 124 is completely transparent, and it’s unknown whether it is hollow as nobody has been able to check; if one has managed, they have either never reported or were likely killed by the entity. Entity 124 has a light magenta hue with a blinding lime glow. However, Entity 124 can modify its appearance, from shape to size and color. Physical interactions with the entity have proven to be ineffective which may imply that the entity is either non-physical or that it exists on higher dimensions.


Entity 124's discovery was very late as to its memory-wiping abilities which prevent wanderers from describing its existence after leaving Level 2276. It was finally discovered on 13/Aug/2023 by an unknown adventurer via an audio file from a recorder. The recorder was found lying on a bed in one of Level 9's houses, likely turned on accidentally while the wanderer was sleeping. Underneath is the transcripted text of the audio file.

After the initial discovery via the transcripted audio file above, more reports of audio files, photographs, and videos have been received. Underneath is another transcripted audio file that was turned in.

Dos and Don'ts:


  • Only trade 1 unremarkable and minor memory with Entity 124 unless you absolutely understand what you are doing.
  • Stay polite, friendly, and cooperative towards the entity.
  • Create your requests instead of waiting for the entity to offer you.
  • Simply try to avoid Level 9 as much as possible. If it's required to traverse through Level 9, try to limit your time there.


  • Talk or mention anything about Level 9 in front of Entity 124.
  • Be too impolite, swearing, and mocking Entity 124.
  • Attempt to attack or harm the entity with any methods.
  • Express hostility towards The Memory Manager.

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