Entity 117 - "Regent"
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Entity Number: 117

Habitat(s): - Level 927.5, can be present in most levels if they find their victim there


Heavily corrupted image of a Regent, it was the only one that kept us safe


Regents have their hand over the Blinded, given the Blinded feed the Regents the senses and physical features of their victims, while the Regent will protect from outside threats. When a certain amount of the Blinded are killed, equating to two dozen, it will find and capture those who have wronged it, trapping them in their lack of abilities to observe what is becoming of them, where they are sent to its Home.


The Regents will not spare, they will only capture those who sense their presence, and will seek those who have wronged their subordinates. Wherever you go, it will follow. It will stop at nothing to capture you and send your empty husk back to its Home. Running is futile, even spending years without encountering it while it chases you does not guarantee your safety, and with their essences being sensed, they will continue to focus on the single target that has wronged them. If multiple are responsible, one per every man or entity that has wronged them.


A Regent can only be described as a webbed formation that consists of human elements, where it seems guided by the skulls that center themselves around the flesh. You will not see it, unless it sees you. You will not hear it, unless it hears you. You will not feel it, until it feels you. It prays on the senses, dulling them out when it is made aware, all until what is left is an empty sack of the body, to be locked and transported. It does not know of pictures, and hence is not limited by them. It does not know of digital technology, and hence is not limited by it. If you even read this passage, it can read your soul, and by those conditions, it dulls your heart. When it can sense you, it will only focus on you, leaving it open for the being to lose its pieces, losing its grip on its host. Even then, none have yet to defeat even one of their essences.


There is no known discovery of this entity, as all information has been documented by those who survived Level 927.5 after being transported and evading the unknown effects and events of processing.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Minimize the amount of the Blinded that are killed.
  • Evade the entity until about a dozen can be assembled to fight it.
    • If unable to assemble a group, surrender to the entity and escape by Level 927.5.


  • Go on a Blinded killing spree for any reason.
  • Take pictures or record audio.
  • Resist it alone, you will only add to your suffering.

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