Entity 11 - "Bursters"
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Original author on Fandom: Kekcroc

Entity Number: 11

Habitat: Level 3


These creatures are found on Level 3 and appear vaguely humanoid in appearance. They crawl on all fours to move across the halls of the backrooms, with their back legs further stretched out (more similar to a canine's leg structure then to ours). On the back of the burster are many calluses, that explode in small pops of acidic fluids when agitated or hunting prey.


The bursters will stay mostly docile in a fetal-like position, but when a living creature comes near the calluses on its back will burst, causing an explosion of acidic like substances to spray against the victim's face, usually impairing their vision. After this occurs the burster will wait for the acid to kill the victim, which it usually succeeds in doing. If the victim survives the burster will continue to spray acid until said victim has succumbed to shock, wherein the burster will consume the victim.


The bursters appear to also be somewhat damaged by the acid they produce. When a burster is hurt by either an excess amount of acid within a burst, or by other means, they will begin to "harden" their skin in a cocoon like material. These cocoons can be broken, with enough force, causing the burster to die.

The bursters are also extremely vulnerable to almond water. This causes severe burns to the burster, which they usually do not recover from. It is assumed that the acid the burster produces causes some sort of negative reaction when in contact with any type of water.


When bursters were first discovered, they were presumed to be a sub-species of the hound. However the classification was changed after successfully killing a burster without causing it to cocoon itself, during which enough biological differences were found to determine it a different species than the hound.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Cover up face and hands with any material when near burster
  • Keep a supply of water when near a burster


  • Come near or come in contact with a burster
  • Disturb a cocooned or resting burster

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