Entity 107 - "Oxids"
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An Oxid brought back to The Hub to be dissected.

Entity Number: 107

Habitat - Majority


Oxids are small, bronze-colored arthropods native to Level 61, although they have been sighted on other levels. Eyewitnesses have compared them to crabs, albeit thinner and with large mandibles.


Oxids scurry around various levels, searching for objects made out of base metals, such as copper or iron. Once an Oxid finds such an object, it will use its acidic "saliva" to corrode the metal for easier consumption. These rusted metals compose its entire diet.
Oxids are naturally curious entities, and will search any bags or containers for something to eat. Tupperware is recommended as a way to keep them out of your belongings, as plastic does not oxidize.
Level 61 is home to multiple Oxid colonies. These are nests made in the seating of The Old Train, occupied by as few as 10 and as many as 50 Oxids. Colonies usually have some sort of food stash, a hoard of leftover metal in case of emergencies. There is also a fungus known as Aecium in the center of the nest, which is what spawns new Oxids. It seems that it only produces one when another dies, as to keep the population steady.


Oxids are small, crab-like entities about 3 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 3/4 inches tall, although this is subject to some variation. Much like a snake, they have two glands in the back of their mouths. However, instead of venom, these produce an unidentified acid with the ability to spread rust and oxidization.
Oxids have strong mandibles to help chew up the rusted metal they live on. However, they will use these in combat if they feel threatened.
As of the creation of this article, the properties of Oxid saliva are still being researched. It seems to be a heavily oxygenated form of nitric acid.


Oxids were first discovered on 11/15/2020 by an anonymous wanderer. They reportedly found a colony living in Level 61 and brought one back to The Hub. The properties of its saliva were discovered when it ate its way out of all the cages it was put in.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Avoid letting them notice you (if possible).


  • Let them at any of your belongings that might contain metals.

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